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Pin Pioneer Trail Missions - Hidden Missions Guide These missions are still pre-release so things cou...
Tonya Collins shared • Last reply Sep 19, 2014 by Lana Božulić Radonjić
28,765 20
Pin Mission Gift Request Links - Pioneer Trail Items Link Drinks and Concoctions Link Building Mater...
Tonya Collins shared • Last reply Aug 14, 2011 by Paula Woodall
3,540 1
Pin Grain Silo Missions and Blue Corn - The Grain Silo will give wither protection boosts and unwithers!...
Tonya Collins shared • Last reply Aug 05, 2011 by Christopher Bacon Brown
2,520 9
Pin Flintlock Returns! (missions guide) - Flintlock Returns With Six New Missions - Find him on the si...
Rohan Thota shared • Last reply Aug 13, 2011 by Kathi Powell McElroy
2,187 11
Pin 6 new timed mission guide - 6 new timed missions , they need to be started before 1st September 2011...
Rohan Thota shared • Last reply Aug 16, 2011 by Jennifer Snyder
3,179 23
Pin A YOSEMITE HONEYMOON MISSIONS GUIDE - This Feature is just starting to roll out to all players, plea...
Rohan Thota shared • Last reply Sep 12, 2011 by Amy Crowder
5,599 16
Pin Inn Upgrade (mission and details) - This feature is just starting to roll out to all players, pleas...
Rohan Thota shared • Last reply Jul 22, 2011 by Angela Fuller
1,992 2
Pin Doctor's Office Upgrade - Animal Hospital Missions - Missions: I. What's up Doc? Collect one gener...
Tonya Collins shared • Last reply Apr 23, 2014 by Su Ela
4,498 18
Pin Find All Your Older Mission Requirements HERE!!! - This is a list of missions in Frontierville and a...
Barbara D'Angelo shared May 15, 2011
4,422 0
Pin Post your Link Requests Here! ALL ITEMS - Gamers Unite! has become overrun with threads posting link...
Barbara D'Angelo shared • Last reply Aug 25, 2011 by Tonya Collins
457,088 1
Question-white HOW TO SEND GIFTS WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE ASKING FOR ITEMS? - How can i send gifts when i see someone a...
Leatha Moore Bullard asked • Last reply Apr 27, 2019 by shubham rock
91 1
Light-bulb Happy Clickers : Get Your Supplies Here for FREE - sorry folks but i have to change the system. i w...
Mohd Azli Abdullah shared • Last reply Apr 25, 2011 by Sheree Lawson
125,265 12,798
Light-bulb 200 XP Giveaway!!! (update on 0149 GMT 08 oct) - ***Update on 07 Oct 2010*** seems like z**** fixed...
Mohd Azli Abdullah shared • Last reply May 29, 2011 by Rachel Geldart
112,177 4,667
Light-bulb Charles Proxy : Old Method (meals,trees,animals etc) - ***THIS METHOD HAS BEEN FIXED ON 27/08/10*** ...
Mohd Azli Abdullah shared • Last reply Jul 13, 2011 by Allan Ayala
79,460 745
Light-bulb Collection Links (I think I have most of them) - Post #1 of 2.... I think I have most of them. I ma...
Sarah Tran shared • Last reply Aug 13, 2010 by Amy Wong
70,753 266
Light-bulb Snag Bar: Now snagging for FrontierVille! - We just released a new version of the Snag Bar. It now s...
Chao Lam shared • Last reply May 22, 2011 by 夫昭
26,718 230
Light-bulb Where to Get Saltpeter? - to make fireworks we need to get saltpeter   where we get those from?
Humberto Lopez shared • Last reply May 22, 2011 by 夫昭
35,438 89
Light-bulb Post your Building/Shed/Foundry Materials, School Supplies and Ribbon Requests Here - We've got lots...
Christine Laflamme shared • Last reply Oct 28, 2010 by Carl Mcclatchie
18,437 5,454
Light-bulb Super Glitch: I gift you anything - THE GLITCH WAS FIXED, THANKS EVERYBODY. I gift you the indy co...
Executor Farm shared • Last reply Aug 13, 2010 by Bronwyn Pou
29,163 406
Light-bulb ribeye, ham, apple pie, apricot oil,cornbread lanterns, mashed potato, - ***********Links no longer ...
Mohd Azli Abdullah shared • Last reply May 22, 2011 by 夫昭
30,704 81
Question-white confused on how to get ribbons - I'm confused on how to get ribbons, can someone explain it to m...
Millicent Millie Tirk asked • Last reply May 22, 2011 by 夫昭
31,627 11
Light-bulb New Gift section for FrontierVille - Now on FarmVille too! - Over the weekend, we just launched a ne...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Dec 18, 2010 by Debbie Nel
18,619 38
Light-bulb Ribeye can i get some? - Cannot get any! have got loads of Ox's but still nothing? anyo...
Naomi Lloyd shared • Last reply Aug 07, 2010 by Gokhalesh Ks
4,503 11
Light-bulb Official FrontierVille "gift request" thread - Whether by design or by glitch, FrontierVille players...
Alan Attebery shared • Last reply Aug 16, 2010 by Alan Attebery
21,737 1,256
Light-bulb Newbie's Guide to Sharing and stuff v1.4 - 2010-07-13 : seems like you can only accept gifts from yo...
Edward Kong shared • Last reply Dec 06, 2013 by Sean Brown
25,003 27
Light-bulb READ THIS - FrontierVille F.A.Q. - I have read far too many similar posts regarding some players who...
Muhd Nazmi shared • Last reply Jul 05, 2012 by Claudette Campbell
20,695 99
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