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Pin Game Feeds FAQ (updated 6/5/2014) - 1-Click Bonus feature has been disabled to comply with Faceboo...
Amy Wong shared • Last reply Jul 02, 2013 by Alan Attebery
192,894 101
Pin Game Feeds App - NOT WORKING - Current Status: NOT WORKING Update 3/10/2015: Because of the new F...
Amy Wong shared • Last reply Mar 28, 2016 by James Bradley
143,650 1,319
Light-bulb Feedback & Suggestions? - We love all the feedback but please tell us more about the problem rathe...
Amy Wong shared • Last reply Dec 06, 2012 by Amy Wong
41,018 298
Question-white Unhide my game requests on my facebook homepage - On my facebook page, I accidently clicked on the d...
Kathy Hershey asked • Last reply Feb 11, 2013 by Doris Domingue
3,070 3
Question-white gifts not collected for "blumenladen" - i tried "game feeds" for the german version of flowershop (b...
Karin Strebe asked • Last reply Oct 20, 2012 by Alan Attebery
805 1
Question-white Pyramid Solitaire Saga game not opening when 100% - I am running windows 7,,,,google chrome browser....
Nelson Hubbucks asked • Last reply Sep 18, 2013 by Alan Attebery
716 1
Light-bulb Game Feeds NOT WORKING - I have been unable to use this for over a week,always says I have no feeds,...
Janet Bird shared • Last reply Dec 11, 2013 by Alan Attebery
688 3
Question-white Problem with "auto comment" - Hey, the application "Game Feeds on Facebook" does not write the "auto...
Valerie J. Vasquez asked • Last reply Sep 28, 2012 by Alan Attebery
580 4
Light-bulb Double U Casino Bonus - Is there a way to auto collect bonus when a friend posts a bonus from one of...
Cliff Kelly shared Apr 17, 2013
465 0
Question-white No 1-click bonus in game feeds app on facebook - Since your "come back" on facebook, the 1-click bon...
Francisco Javier López Martínez asked • Last reply Jan 23, 2014 by Alan Attebery
466 1
Question-white Feeds for Double U Casino - I never have feeds for Double U Casino, but my friends are posting them,...
Elsie Woroniuk asked • Last reply Oct 20, 2012 by Alan Attebery
366 1
Question-white Cant collect "Go Fishing" gifts - I use game feeds since a few weeks now for the game "Go Fishing". ...
Kalle Kessel asked Oct 07, 2012
358 0
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