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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Happy Acres forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use ...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Nov 25, 2015 by Kiran Shoor
4,274 2
Light-bulb Selling in the Marketplace - If an item is not selling in the market, can I lower the price? What i...
Christine Stockman shared Oct 29, 2019
14 0
Light-bulb Where is reputation Level found - What is the reputation level and where do I see what level I am at.
Donna Olsen shared • Last reply Jun 22, 2019 by Brandon Cox
67 1
Light-bulb what makes bunny tomatoes - How do I get them???
Aliyanna Joy shared Feb 04, 2019
114 0
Question-white Serious Guild Members Needed - We are a dedicated guild, Named Dragons Lair, number 63464. We reall...
Tracy LaCock asked • Last reply Oct 22, 2018 by Rosispergia
70 1
Light-bulb Help needed on my happy acres farm - Loving this game. much like hay day
Laurie Stewart shared Oct 02, 2018
43 0
Question-white how do u make onion flowers, how to make watermelon bread help thank you - onion n what help
Debra Burton asked • Last reply Sep 27, 2018 by Denise Webb
555 1
Light-bulb why cant the community help? - i was on the Happy Acres game, i needed something and received a rude...
sherrill gaston shared Jun 29, 2018
47 0
Light-bulb help me like this game again - i played the side bar game where you can win gifts such as a musical ...
sherrill gaston shared Jun 28, 2018
26 0
Light-bulb need 15 sunflowers - need 15 sunflowers, dont have enough to buy them.
Mikki Glover shared Jun 24, 2018
16 0
Question-white cant get enough iron bars how can i get more - how do i get more iron bars cant build buildings or ...
asked Jun 14, 2018
67 0
Question-white morning ive got a question - I have played this game for 4 months ... i love it but find it hard to...
sherrill gaston asked May 23, 2018
52 0
Question-white Accepting and sending gifts - I can no longer accept or send gifts from the page that used to pop up...
Teena Harris asked Apr 05, 2018
24 0
Light-bulb how do i make cram cheese in the game -
debbie bolden shared Oct 04, 2017
54 0
Question-white Wisk wont post - I have posted for a wisk three times and its not showing up on my wall (so that i c...
Angel Kamala asked Sep 27, 2017
60 0
Question-white I need neighbors for Happy Acres, HELP!?!?! - Hello, I am unable to get community neighbors on Happy...
SlimLattice6345 asked • Last reply Sep 22, 2017 by Roberta Lamchick
100 1
Light-bulb forum page not working - the Add Me page doesn't seem to be working, or is it just me?
Dene Payan shared Sep 13, 2017
42 0
Question-white Neighbors are difficult to get - Is there another way to add neighbors than to try to get them from ...
Penny Washington asked Sep 04, 2017
89 0
Light-bulb German shepherd dog playing. - How come sometimes my German shepherd dog will jump run etc instead o...
Shari Gill shared Aug 17, 2017
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