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Come experience life on the farm as you raise crops to sell in the market while meeting new friends or even some new enemies!


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Light-bulb how do you make butter? Help -
Monique Buckner shared 3 days ago
2 0
Light-bulb Updates for happy farm - Im still on winter theme and no updates in almost a year? Has this game bee...
Barbara White shared Oct 29, 2015
11 0
Light-bulb Adding people below - If everyone puts their user id on here then we can all get friends easier and ...
Alandra Henderson shared • Last reply Oct 09, 2015 by Norma Alvarez
462 25
Light-bulb Add pls 49818580 my id thank you -
•••••*Nanda Chan*••••• shared Oct 12, 2015
4 0
Light-bulb Help please my game won't work - My game won't load I can't play I don't know-how to get a hold of ...
Laura McHenry shared • Last reply Sep 15, 2015 by Barbara White
81 4
Light-bulb axes/saws for chopping down trees - How do I acquire axes/saws for chopping down trees I get the odd...
Christopher Fred Guy shared • Last reply Sep 08, 2015 by Angela Rooda
1,470 2
Light-bulb hi . can u tell me how can i add some animals in animal cabin ?? thats big mistake for me -
ghaza hematiyan shared Aug 26, 2015
16 0
Light-bulb how do you use gift cards? - I have lot of gift cards sent to me ?how /where do I use them,and how d...
Barbara Lucky shared Aug 23, 2015
17 0
Light-bulb How do I get fearlthers to make mask? - I had orders on tje order board that required masks, upon hi...
Yvonne Ward shared Aug 11, 2015
76 0
Question-white Add me please so I can get help - How do I get a beehive don't have 75 gems
keke sanner asked Jun 09, 2015
38 0
Question-white please can someone tell me how to send gifts!!! - On android nexus and can't work out how to gift! T...
Amie Derricott asked • Last reply Aug 17, 2014 by عبود افغاني
2,169 6
Light-bulb i must have bananas - How do I get bananas?
Monique M. Butler shared • Last reply Mar 06, 2014 by Rhiane Whitfield
1,169 2
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