4/15/2014: 1-Click Friends currently only works on Internet Explorer.

Accept and Send Hidden Chronicles Friends Gifts/Requests All in Just 1-Click!

Icon_gift_161-Click Gifts

Tired of accepting gifts one by one? Accept/ignore all gift request on your Game Requests page, all in 1-click!

Group1-Click Friends

Scans for active friends on Game Requests page and on My Feed and send gifts/requests, all in 1-click!

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1-Click Tools is not compatible on this browser :(

Please install Firefox! It's a great browser and it's free - you can download it here.

You already got the Snag Bar so go enjoy the 1-Click Tools!

Snag Bar Installed!

1-Click Tools Overview

What is One-Click Gifts?

Spending too much time accepting gifts? Install the Snag Bar and accept all the gifts on the Game Requests page at once.

To use 1-Click Gifts, you need to have the Snag Bar installed - it's 100% free and has no virus or spyware.

What is One-Click Friends?

Sending requests randomly, possibly to people who don't even play?

Keep track of who is active on the Game Requests page and your My Feed. Then automatically add your active friends when sending gifts/requests, so all you have to do is to click "Send"!

How do I disable One-Click Tools?

You can disable them from the Toolbar Preferences page.

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My 1-Click Active Hidden Chronicles Friends Reset and reload list

Here are the friends who recently sent you gifts on the Game Requests page and posted on your My Feed.


You don't have anybody showing up here :(

Make sure that:

  • You accessed the Game Requests page so we can track your active friends.
  • You have friends who play this game. If not, you can find people on the Add Me page.

We can't read your wall so can't find your friends :(

To proceed, you need give wall permission to Gamers Unite! This is purely to find out all the game feeds on your wall. This info never leaves your browser (i.e. it is never sent to our servers). There is no other use.

Sorry, 1-Click tools doesn't run on this browser :(

We currently only support Internet Explorer and Firefox. Please install Firefox! It's a great browser and it's free - you can download it here.