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Travel the world and explore gorgeous photographic scenes. It's a hidden object game like you've never played before!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Hidden Express forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please u...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Apr 18, 2013 by Susan Reed Roth
5,694 3
Light-bulb Juliet's Journey's Granada (Alhambra) - In the Granada journey at Alhambra, I can't find the horse.....
Payton Lane shared • Last reply Jul 18, 2019 by asian fanfics
987 2
Light-bulb Juliet's Journey Newspaper - Unable to find the "3" or "8." Help?
Whitney Ferrell shared • Last reply Jul 16, 2019 by asian fanfics
3,047 3
Light-bulb Juliet's Journey Edingburgh Castle level. Where is the photo scrap? -
Shelli Claussen shared • Last reply Jul 16, 2019 by asian fanfics
660 2
Light-bulb Juliet's Journey Istanbul Library - Where is the horse in the Istanbul Library?
Jacque Cotner shared • Last reply Jul 16, 2019 by asian fanfics
517 1
Question-white Juliet's Journey- GRANADA - Help, please! Can't find the mouse! Does anyone know?
Lorrie Campbell asked • Last reply Jul 16, 2019 by asian fanfics
47 2
Light-bulb Paris Journey Question - Where is the windmill patch in the Paris Journey?
shared • Last reply Apr 26, 2015 by Michal Cox
3,998 3
Question-white Paris hat store: items I can't find - Hat store: I cannot find cossack hat, bermada cap, sequin cap,...
dee wyly asked • Last reply Sep 12, 2016 by Charz Bud
1,912 3
Light-bulb Level 78 hourglass and abc - Please help I can't find the hourglass or the ABC. Thank you Plea...
Anne Matthew shared • Last reply Jan 20, 2016 by Mike Elias
1,578 3
Light-bulb making me repeat level - Im on level 69 i have gotten my 3 stars and it keeps making me do it over a...
Bev Reid shared Nov 30, 2012
1,481 1
Light-bulb help Juliet's journey - I can't find the OAR in the train station someone please help
shared • Last reply Mar 19, 2017 by Roxie Smith
1,546 2
Light-bulb level 104 alter of joy - can anyone let me know what the chinese ink is ? or what it looks like?
Peggy Snider shared • Last reply Dec 29, 2013 by Ruby Drake Pedde
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