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Travel the world and explore gorgeous photographic scenes. It's a hidden object game like you've never played before!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Hidden Express forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please u...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Apr 18, 2013 by Susan Reed Roth
5,361 3
Light-bulb how do you do the treasure hunts? -
CARYL ANNE SIMMONS shared 12 hours ago
8 0
Light-bulb Help to pass a level - How do you get enough points to get past level 206???
Renee Carney-Hill shared 6 days ago
9 0
Light-bulb HELP i cant find this photo scrap - Can anyone tell where the photo scrap is in the aviation museum ...
Connie Hugins shared Jan 09, 2018
17 0
Question-white Where is the heart in level 102? -
Isabel A. Levín asked • Last reply Dec 19, 2017 by Stacy Smith
179 1
Question-white Hidden Express Level 102 Pepper - Where is the pepper???? It's the only one I can't find and it usua...
Stacy Smith asked Dec 19, 2017
14 0
Question-white Istanbul from Rome - how do I get out of Rome and to Istanbul? I have completed the 3 scenes in Rome.
Toni Honts asked Nov 12, 2017
20 0
Question-white Help Finding Chocolate Bar in leve 103 Happy Hearth - Can anyone tell me where the chocolate bar is ...
Lenley Egan asked • Last reply Nov 04, 2017 by Helen Boittier
49 1
Light-bulb Level 121 Library Does anyone know where the paper is?.. There is paper all over the library but ...
Vicki Musetti shared Oct 27, 2017
67 0
Light-bulb Please where is the spider in the 297 - Pleasee where is the spider in 297
Ljupce Padikov shared Oct 29, 2017
13 0
Light-bulb Juliet's Journey Edingburgh Castle level. Where is the photo scrap? -
Shelli Claussen shared • Last reply Oct 22, 2017 by David, Danielle Kennedy
433 1
Light-bulb City 3, Level 20 - There is some minor detail in comparing the two sides of this that I guess I simp...
Elaine Moore shared • Last reply Oct 16, 2017 by Matt Erbrick
230 1
Light-bulb button eye level 83 - can't find the button eye. What should I be looking for?
Mary Gray shared • Last reply Oct 14, 2017 by Dee Burniston
481 4
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