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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! HotShot forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use the ...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Dec 29, 2011 by Jean Sorenson
2,405 1
Light-bulb hotshot enerji hilesi bilen var mı? -
Emrah Yalçınkaya shared May 01, 2016
20 0
Light-bulb Big Sky Mountain Supernatural - HOw in the heck do you score enough points to pass? Thanks!
Pegster Hicks shared Jan 24, 2016
7 0
Light-bulb need friends bad -
shared Dec 02, 2015
12 0
Light-bulb no new challenges, why - Has hotshot finished, there hasnt been any new challenges, I have been gett...
Ted Tuksa shared Sep 01, 2014
56 0
Light-bulb Question from Mary - For 3 weeks in a row when a new board starts, it shows that I have played all t...
Mary DeRuiter shared Jul 02, 2014
19 0
Question-white How come there are no new boards. - Why are they repeating the old boards on Mondays. Is it over?
Sally Potes asked • Last reply Jun 30, 2014 by Karen Malano
164 1
Light-bulb Someone is playing My Shot Shots game and It's NOT me !!!! - This is the 2nd week that I've got onto...
Judy Chavis Lever shared • Last reply Jun 16, 2014 by
48 3
Question-white Question on Thermometer on the left with the 2x , 3X, etc - Does anyone know how this gets activated...
Maria Clara Mejia asked May 02, 2013
104 0
Question-white Question, please help!!!! - When you complete a level, you get those bonos things at the bottom........
Genevieve Audra Gregory asked • Last reply Apr 05, 2013 by Laura Robinson
566 2
Question-white Blocking an unwanted player - I have a person that shows on my hotshot page. How can I delete her?
Penney Snyder asked Dec 30, 2012
65 0
Light-bulb Arctic Preserve Proscore - How do I get the proscore for challenge #10 (Royalty) in Arctic Preserve ...
Carla Holden shared • Last reply Oct 06, 2012 by Raewyn Ritchie
484 4
Question-white Honeycomb Cave, level 9 - Need help folks. I have been stuck on level 9 of Honeycomb Cave for what s...
Stephen Jakle asked Sep 23, 2012
132 0
Question-white Giving Energy to a friend - Is there any way to give some of your energy to a friend on Hot Shot
Charlie Boyle asked Sep 08, 2012
105 0
Light-bulb Level 9 of Veridian Cliffs - This is the second to last level on the Veridian Cliffs board. I've tri...
Heather Michelle McFarling shared • Last reply Sep 05, 2012 by Bao Nsfw HotShot Lammikins
362 1
Light-bulb AMIGOS HOTSHOT POR FAVOR CURTAM-ME - Preciso muito de amigos em hot shot só tenho dois me adicionem ...
Monique Drumond shared Jul 19, 2012
49 0
Light-bulb help me on devinci workshop - I can't score 500 in devinci workshop. can anyone tell me how to do th...
Donna Peck shared • Last reply Jun 22, 2012 by Penney Snyder
180 1
Light-bulb Has anyone gotten the mystery goals to open? - You know when you complete the goal and your ball bou...
Jordon Busch shared • Last reply May 30, 2012 by
2,319 2
Light-bulb HotShot Unlimited Ball Trainer - Update 17/12/2011 New Trainer+5 Update : 15/12/20...
Xhapire Lord shared • Last reply Jan 07, 2012 by Myson Miller
3,908 1
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