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Question-white How many and types of troops to send - I am looking for information on how many and what types of tr...
Jonathan Coomes asked • Last reply Mar 30, 2014 by
91,996 28
Light-bulb Building Ratio's - Early on in the game, you're going to want to make sure that you get some resourc...
Andrew Dalton shared • Last reply Sep 20, 2010 by Mary Finnigan McFarlane
29,839 6
Light-bulb How to get lots of income - When thinking of income, don't try and set your tax rate at a permanent ...
Sakura Haruno shared • Last reply Jan 23, 2012 by Jenny Smith
28,270 18
Light-bulb Crest Farming - 3rd City Deed - I am sure there are many ways to go about this but this is what I di...
Charles Heiman shared • Last reply Jun 09, 2010 by Charles Heiman
23,096 1
Light-bulb Advise for the beginner... - Focus on protecting resources, being a smart defender, and attacking wi...
Wes Chaney shared • Last reply Jun 17, 2010 by Charles Heiman
16,117 7
Question-white i need free gems and divine inspations. will cheat or hack if needed - i have like no gems and i nee...
Jacob Button asked • Last reply Jul 18, 2010 by Steve Green
15,040 3
Question-white is there really a troop glitch - i play KoC on Facebook and on Myspace and sometimes when im talkin...
Juan Cervantes asked • Last reply Jul 30, 2014 by Nate Delano
14,704 11
Light-bulb Nice review of KoC -
Chao Lam shared • Last reply Jan 27, 2011 by Jobob Jones
13,586 2
Light-bulb Quests - When you are starting out follow the quests ... also try to make sure that you build up you...
Sheila K shared • Last reply Apr 20, 2010 by Pulelehua Quirk
11,152 5
Question-white how do i get crests for my third city? - ok, so im a little lost ... one person tells me i need to ...
Martin Millar asked • Last reply Jan 22, 2011 by Steve Coon Jr.
9,147 6
Light-bulb Getting attacked everyday? Fight Back!!! - I hate bullies that's why I'm out to share this: If yo...
Peter Coburn shared • Last reply Oct 29, 2012 by
9,036 5
Light-bulb Awesome! I just got 500 instant Gems in Kingdoms of Camelot thanks to this website. -
Paul Allen shared • Last reply Sep 27, 2010 by Chris Aschenbrenner
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