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Light-bulb Boss Fight Link Exchange - Let's exchange boss fight link! Post your link here so we can help each o...
Mylene Pogi shared • Last reply Dec 07, 2011 by Mark M. Tagimacruz
932 17
Light-bulb Secret Stash in Pinion Corner - Every location (execpt the rumble locations) in Mafia Wars 2 got a s...
René Pieterse shared Dec 09, 2011
995 0
Question-white Top weapons etc. - Does anyone have a list or website link to find the best weapons, armor, vehicles...
Riaan Lesch asked • Last reply Nov 16, 2011 by Jen Fong Lee
978 1
Question-white How do you unlock level 3 workers? - I don't understand how i need at least 37 more production to un...
Jason Vincent asked • Last reply Nov 24, 2011 by Bhushan Bansode
778 1
Light-bulb how do i get the elements in dead end - could any one tell me how to get the elements (wood water fi...
Boyie Richardson shared • Last reply Nov 09, 2011 by Boyie Richardson
720 2
Light-bulb HowTo Win every Fight in Area 51 - You know that your opponents get stronger with every round you wi...
Termita Isterica shared Jan 11, 2012
659 0
Light-bulb Badlands Quest(s) Glitch - I've noticed that any quest that requires you to kill in the badlands can...
Tony Hull shared Oct 19, 2011
687 0
Question-white Bug in Energy Plant Mission - Hi there, I placed an energy plant in my turf. Then after while (few ...
Donnie Cruz asked • Last reply Nov 14, 2011 by Marq Yoshii Leitch
608 3
Question-white steel bars glitch ??? - have anyone noticed no matter how many times freinds help you to get steel b...
Asura Resina asked • Last reply Oct 29, 2011 by Graham Davies
645 1
Light-bulb Flamethrower How to get it - I have noticed that in badlands, every1 keeps defeating me.. Also, they...
Soham Patankar shared • Last reply Nov 22, 2011 by Liv Umbra
581 1
Light-bulb home turf link visit me pls -
Sibi Chakravarthi shared • Last reply Jul 27, 2012 by Laur Achim
496 28
Question-white Stuck on Casino Row - I'm stuck at 87% on casino row, does anyone have any ideas on how to complete ...
Red Fox asked • Last reply Mar 16, 2012 by Jessica Greene
504 4
Light-bulb stuck in Westside wharf - I am stuck in westside wharf. i got the club for the harbor master and the...
Kyle Kincaid shared • Last reply Nov 01, 2011 by Dion DeVille
510 1
Light-bulb This game needs change - There are many thing's that need to be changed I'll start with the few noti...
Joe Chambers shared • Last reply Oct 28, 2011 by Alistair Kerr
472 4
Light-bulb 2 HIT to Kill Tony, Delete When Dead! - OPEN 1 WEEK Tony, 1% Health, 1-2 HIT to kill him. Click H...
Randy Maulana shared • Last reply Nov 28, 2011 by Randy Maulana
465 2
Light-bulb HowTo: get endless Bone Chips from Bonecrusher - I found this post on internet few days ago. I don't...
Termita Isterica shared • Last reply Jan 07, 2012 by Enrique Robets
464 2
Question-white help pls on quest - i have a quest named "cash flow 0/5, 0/5" where i need to rob 5 banks and 5 grow...
Ruth Muscat asked • Last reply Oct 26, 2011 by Ruth Muscat
461 2
Light-bulb Easy Energy (in a few minutes) - Step1: Click on picture of friend Step2: Click send gift Step...
Kevin Cooley shared Nov 10, 2011
467 0
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