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Light-bulb GAMERS UNITE - I TESTED IT - HERE ARE MY FINDINGS - Posted May 18, 2010 9:07a.m. my profile. Your s...
Gloria Carroll shared • Last reply Feb 17, 2011 by Stan Berkers
6,195 13
Question-white Where to collect shivs, stun guns, and grenades??? - In Las Vegas items are needed to defeat end of ...
Jonathan ONeill asked • Last reply Oct 22, 2010 by Ginger Fulcher
6,124 3
Light-bulb Mafia Wars Snag rewards - Great
Jo-Ann Hall shared • Last reply Aug 03, 2010 by Viet Tran
5,426 23
Light-bulb Snag bar for mafia wars - Is there a snag bar for Mafia Bars.
Brian Crenshaw shared • Last reply Oct 04, 2010 by Tyler N Thulin
5,188 2
Light-bulb mafia war snag bar-- please do one - the snag bar in farm ville is beutiful please
João Silvério shared • Last reply Jan 02, 2011 by Alan Attebery
3,582 28
Light-bulb Collect tons of Free Gifts in Mafia Wars - Share the gifts that are available in the Mafia Wars Gift...
Otto Way shared • Last reply Nov 02, 2010 by Alex Turner
3,282 1
Question-white How to Ice Opponents? - I have read the fight rules but I must be missing something, sometimes it sa...
Renee Jensen asked • Last reply May 31, 2011 by Dhonna Rs
2,816 2
Question-white snag bar for mafia wars - is there a snag bar for mafia wars
Barry Scott asked • Last reply Aug 30, 2013 by Dazza C. Mcnamara
2,444 6
Question-white where did remove non friends from mafia go? - Just noticed that the ability to remove non friends fr...
Rebecca Read asked • Last reply May 27, 2010 by Rebecca Read
2,595 4
Light-bulb Snag bar or similar scripts - I would truly like to know who we find out who is snagging our loot in...
shared • Last reply Jul 16, 2010 by John Clementi
1,534 6
Question-white Looking for a converter / script / bookmarklet that converts NY money to BAHT - It´s nearly impossib...
Justin Solanga asked • Last reply Jun 06, 2010 by Negrito EsPa
2,096 7
Light-bulb GAMERS UNITE -I TESTED IT AS A CLAN ADMIN - HERE ARE MY FINDINGS - The only thing that has changed s...
Gloria Carroll shared • Last reply May 27, 2010 by Gloria Carroll
1,407 1
Light-bulb Does this work with Mafia wars? -
Chico Man shared • Last reply Jul 09, 2010 by -Jamie Pouton Jones
1,141 4
Light-bulb mafia wars energy and level up - ty ill try it see how it works for me
Martha Torres shared • Last reply Apr 05, 2010 by Kiro Tsonkovich
1,377 1
Question-white Leveling up and have a lot of energy left? - When you near level-up and still have quite a bit of en...
Brian Pool asked • Last reply May 05, 2010 by Robert Garza
1,216 6
Light-bulb Rapheal Boss Combos! - What are some combos for the boss fight? the only one i know is knife,knife...
Joe Sioleski shared • Last reply May 16, 2011 by Wanda Otilia
1,168 2
Question-white Any ideas how to get Paris maps without paying for them? - I'm runnning out of time on the Paris job...
Linda Lamprecht asked • Last reply May 18, 2010 by Jody Barfield
1,100 7
Question-white Auto Accept gift.... - how can i activate an auto-accept gifts? im tired of doing it one bye one, it...
Josie Flores asked • Last reply Apr 22, 2010 by Engelbert Ildefonso
1,052 2
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