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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Megapolis forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use th...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Dec 25, 2016 by Abdul Liburd
29,826 90
Light-bulb using Documents to expand... how? - I see that Megapolis gives me two different choices to expand......
Paula Swirtz shared • Last reply a week ago by Amorette Flowers
277,570 32
Light-bulb Does the cheat for megalopolis really exist? - I've been playing the game for a month now and I Have...
Panagiotis Sakellariou shared • Last reply 1 day ago by poke mongo
40,656 11
Question-white No room for infrastructure - I am out of space for infrastructure, water and electricity. Absolutel...
joyce leiker asked Feb 24, 2017
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Light-bulb Add me please -
Fu Hou shared Feb 01, 2017
24 0
Light-bulb Megapolis documents info - To get documents u must first get the stock exchange building, that gives...
Rob Mellor shared May 02, 2013
44,301 1
Question-white Put building in the warehouse?? - How do I "put building in the warehouse"? What does this even mean?
Jennifer Bonilla asked • Last reply Apr 01, 2013 by Katrina Stonoff
36,550 3
Light-bulb More Energy to build - How do you get more energy to build it won't let's buy any factories ? It kee...
Grace Williams shared • Last reply Oct 10, 2013 by Susie Hargis
27,575 5
Question-white "Help"!!! Need to know how to expand my land? - How do you receive more land or to expand ?
Matt Markva asked • Last reply Apr 10, 2013 by BJ Stap
17,341 8
Question-white Stock Exchange terms- how does it work? - How does the new Stock Exchange work? Do decide how much t...
Susie Hargis asked • Last reply Aug 07, 2013 by Tracey Witts
14,892 2
Light-bulb 1. How to Contact Support, 2. Act of Territorial Expansion, 3. How to Expand your Warehouse
BJ Stap shared • Last reply May 15, 2013 by Thei Wetzelaer
13,740 4
Question-white Stock exchange game - How do u plathe a stock exchange game? When I play it the line shoots all over...
Chris Taylor asked • Last reply May 13, 2013 by Richard Sweeting
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