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Need more Megapolis Friends?


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Megapolis forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use th...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Mar 18, 2015 by
28,297 79
Light-bulb True neighbor right here - Cool neighbors lets work tugetta
shared Mar 30, 2015
34 0
Light-bulb Remove idle neighbors - I need to remove neighbors from my list. How do I do that? Any help would be...
Christian Corriveau shared • Last reply Sep 25, 2014 by Eric Smith
6,438 6
Light-bulb using Documents to expand... how? - I see that Megapolis gives me two different choices to expand......
Paula Swirtz shared • Last reply Feb 23, 2015 by Hel's OnWheels
257,300 28
Light-bulb Structure Hides Another, how do I move? - Hi, I Have some houses behind a fixed structure, ...
shared Feb 23, 2015
76 0
Light-bulb Hello everyone how are you? - hello everyone , my name is Pelin.I loved this game thank you social q...
Pelin Altun shared Feb 25, 2015
7 0
Light-bulb how do we remove friends on megapolis? - You see, some dont or has quit and I want to remove them f...
Hel's OnWheels shared Feb 23, 2015
22 0
Question-white Need Neighbors willing to help! - Just started playing in need of neighbors for some help. Willing t...
Arman Abbassi asked • Last reply Feb 14, 2015 by
1,153 12
Light-bulb Megapolis: Top 10 Essential Tips for Beginners (pt. 1) - Here are some excellent gameplay tips from ...
Kiên shared • Last reply Feb 09, 2015 by Kiên
433 1
Light-bulb Just like to add that there are NO LEGIT HACK TOOLS for Megapolis - Hi guys I'm new to the game also...
Adam Warren shared • Last reply Jan 31, 2015 by Nicole Boness
1,946 1
Light-bulb I have Infrastructure questions - I am at level 172 with 46m pop cap and I'm bumping up against inf...
shared Jan 23, 2015
123 0
Light-bulb looking 4 people - I'm lvl 165 and still looking for friends...
Marcel Kusumo shared • Last reply Jan 16, 2015 by
99 5
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