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Question-white Need more neighbors? - If you need more neighbors in My Town, Click ADD ME REQUESTS tab at the top....
Bebe Lee asked • Last reply Jun 07, 2010 by Zachary Williams
3,087 53
Light-bulb Get XP fast without losing $$$ - Go to your neighbors' towns and 'help' them (help relocate town hal...
Loki Naiman shared Mar 04, 2012
777 0
Light-bulb how to earn XP fast - Buy Water Towers Water Towers get you 25 XP. It costs 100 coins buy then sell....
JayLynn Elizabeth Petrick shared • Last reply Feb 18, 2012 by Jewel Song
1,894 1
Light-bulb Adding Neighbors Help!! - I've found that My Town only selects a limited number of people and specif...
Encyclopedia Britannica shared Feb 17, 2012
156 0
Light-bulb Can some one help me on my town 2 - How do you get the local cafe check in
Sheena Duke shared Jan 30, 2012
998 0
Question-white How do i add friends on MyTown ? - How do i add people for mytown? do i have to add them as a friend...
Robert Bobby Gavin asked Sep 03, 2011
332 0
Light-bulb How to make easy town cash without buying - Keep buying Adobe houses and crap like that. You will ga...
Fly Boii Jeter shared May 01, 2011
2,434 0
Light-bulb Does Anyone Want Free Money Without Using Cheat Engine?? - here are the steps ...
Sergio Lanuza shared • Last reply Mar 17, 2011 by Sergio Lanuza
3,522 11
Light-bulb Land Setup Tip - Place all your same type of buildings together closely & dnt use roads. optimizes s...
Angel Smith shared • Last reply Jan 09, 2011 by Jan Mikel Bunyi
1,513 2
Question-white How are you suppose to get cash from your Casino? - I have a casino and I have yet to get any cash f...
Tammy Harris asked Nov 01, 2010
542 0
Light-bulb add me please -
Tee Go shared Oct 24, 2010
60 0
Light-bulb i need neighbors add me - add me and send me a neighbor request
Brian Conlogue shared Oct 23, 2010
104 0
Light-bulb plz add me in town viller - plz add me as neighbor in townville
Ivan Systerov shared Oct 06, 2010
40 0
Light-bulb Can we get some better gifts to send? - I like this game its fun to bulid the town and see other peo...
Danette Neely shared Sep 08, 2010
115 0
Question-white Finished all 5 towns - I have finished all 5 of my towns, what's next?
Cheryl C. H. Joseph asked Aug 25, 2010
383 0
Light-bulb Quick way to level up! - 1) Fill your land with as many Adobes as you can afford - you get 6 XP for ...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Aug 09, 2010 by Natashia Fuller
5,565 9
Light-bulb Very quick way to level! - Place gas stations for 100 coin, sell it for 50 coin, gain 25xp for 50 co...
Steven Fazzio shared • Last reply Aug 09, 2010 by Natashia Fuller
2,752 2
Light-bulb want neighbors but it wont let me send requests for some reason.add me - add me i play all the time ...
Brandon Bethel shared Jul 28, 2010
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