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Ninja Warz

Create and customize a clan of ninjas then ally or battle against all of your friends using tons of weapons and relics.


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Pin Do we need to create a Ninja Warz Karma and/or Fight thread? - I've noticed that a lot of people hav...
Alan Attebery shared • Last reply Jul 10, 2012 by Alan Attebery
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Light-bulb Ninja wars easy guy cheat for free - lv:19 http://a...
DaeHee Kim shared • Last reply Dec 01, 2017 by Jessica hn
57,193 56
Light-bulb Get easy karma! - Create more acc lv dem at least lv5 then do the tournament and claim rewards then ...
Lee Jin Jie Daniel shared • Last reply Jul 20, 2013 by Kurokawa Demon
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Light-bulb get black belts faster - buy tuns of ninjas get their belts higher then dismiss them
Alec Thompson shared • Last reply Oct 19, 2013 by Undang Gallah
10,080 14
Light-bulb This is a white belt ninja for you to defeat easily that i made!!! -
Edinson Cavani shared • Last reply Aug 26, 2013 by Anton Quioco
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Light-bulb Lalnations Marco/Auto Bot - sup guys. always wanted to be high level? here u can do it, with no effo...
Chaderic Ong shared • Last reply Sep 14, 2012 by Elmer TA
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Light-bulb Bosses - Kill the bosses. They give you wonderful rewards. The latest boss was a school girl carryin...
Michael Schwob shared • Last reply Sep 30, 2012 by Edgar Lui
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Light-bulb how to get karma -
Bergeron Dakota shared • Last reply Mar 22, 2013 by Sandi S'lalu D'sakiti
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Light-bulb cheat for ninja warz -  all white belt
Richard Ryds Rayner shared • Last reply Mar 31, 2012 by Ali Akbari
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Light-bulb Ninja Warz Konami and Tricks - Konami: This achievement is achieved by pressing: up up down down le...
Adrian Santos shared Nov 21, 2010
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Light-bulb Tips for ninja warz - FIRST TIP-If you click fight me on the profile you get more XP!  SECOND TIP-I...
Scrapy Coco shared Dec 08, 2010
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Light-bulb Cheat In Ninja Warz Here!!! - Here>>>
Black Raider shared Nov 29, 2011
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