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Oregon Trail: American Settler

Saddle-up for an all-new Oregon adventure! Establish a bustling Wild West village any way you want!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Oregon Trail: American Settler forum! - If you're looking for friends t...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared Jun 06, 2012
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Question-white Traveling Station Doesn't Work - My traveling station has a down arrow that says "You need to wait f...
Joe T asked • Last reply Jun 25, 2016 by Jeff Walther
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Question-white help, need help fast!! - Hello, does anyone else here experience a game freeze, when harvesting, col...
Sona Jipreze asked • Last reply Nov 22, 2012 by Lydia F Kaskowski
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Light-bulb Tailor shop clothing - How do you make clothes, not buy them?
Lindsey Elizabeth Stemler shared Aug 24, 2014
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Question-white Population Help plz - I have 98 0f 99 people but when I try to build a building it says I need 10 po...
Shalonda Scott asked Jul 14, 2014
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Question-white Where do you find the bookstore? - I have a mission that says collect from book store 5 times. Looke...
asked Feb 05, 2015
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Light-bulb Looking for friends 😊 - Looking for neighbors 😊
Massiel R Jones shared • Last reply Apr 18, 2015 by
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Light-bulb Add me please! None of my Facebook friends play ! -
Sydni Warner shared • Last reply Jul 19, 2015 by Jen Long
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Light-bulb need friends on oregon trail -
karen lovette shared • Last reply Sep 26, 2015 by Quannie Clark
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Light-bulb Can't find the gold mine - Where do I buy the gold mine? I have looked through the business section ...
Sam Foseid shared Jan 25, 2016
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Light-bulb Growing clover crop in game. Why can't I grow it anymore? - Sometimes it lets me grow clover, somet...
shared • Last reply Apr 03, 2016 by Dawn B Dunphy
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Light-bulb Add me please and thanks - Jessntim2909....I will add you in return...thanks in advance!
Jessica McDaniel shared Apr 15, 2016
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