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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Pearl's Peril forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, plea...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Jun 02, 2016 by Polly Marie
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Light-bulb Scenes for Iris's Eyes - This is a new minigame looking for hidden objects by their silhouette shape...
Ms. Tearius shared • Last reply 5 days ago by Ms. Tearius
81 3
Light-bulb CURRENT CAPTAIN'S CHALLENGE - Wed 20 - Sat 23, Mar 2019: Ch. 75, Sc. 2 - Washington Border http://...
Ms. Tearius shared • Last reply 2 days ago by Ms. Tearius
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Light-bulb Weekly prise reward - Is there also a benefit to win to gain the most points in the weekly prise.
Art Handayani shared • Last reply Feb 28, 2019 by Ms. Tearius
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Light-bulb Just wanted to say thank you... - I wanted to say thank you to all the Admin(s) and Moderators that ...
LinkinPark Chick shared • Last reply Jan 05, 2019 by Ms. Tearius
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Light-bulb How do i get padt grand central to the next level - Do you have enough prestige (flowers) to open th...
Georgia Nowell shared Sep 26, 2018
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Light-bulb What is the trick to high score on Captain's Challenge - A friend of mine is consistently scoring ov...
shared • Last reply Dec 08, 2017 by Napoleon Solo
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Question-white Need help opening the game it only shows pearls picture but can get to game - I’m having problems o...
Isabel Hernandes asked • Last reply Dec 02, 2018 by Ms. Tearius
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Question-white Starting a new adventure club - How do you start my own adventure club? The members in my team want'...
Lula Williams asked • Last reply Nov 27, 2018 by Polly Marie
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Light-bulb Captain's Challenge Walkthrough - CH43:Kamakura (18-20/5/2015)
UnAg KewL shared • Last reply Nov 03, 2018 by Polly Marie
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Light-bulb Tags should consist of text used in the game - Please remember that the labels should include only w...
Polly Marie shared • Last reply Nov 05, 2018 by Polly Marie
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Light-bulb Captain's challenge Mexico City Street - Hi was wondering how long it takes to update to new current...
Roxy Graff shared • Last reply Nov 05, 2018 by Polly Marie
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Light-bulb Pegs place club. - Started a new club looking for new members please!
Margaret Campbell [email protected] shared Nov 03, 2018
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