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Light-bulb How do you get the Pearls in the Pearls Peril game? -
shared Jul 10, 2015
2,816 0
Question-white The Fabulous Darwin Presents feature - How do I get this feature on my game? My daughter has it but ...
Susan Portman asked • Last reply Apr 01, 2016 by Ms. Tearius
2,436 1
Question-white Funeral Banquet Chapter - Is anyone else having issues with this one? I get the items to make the dr...
Amoreena C. Smith asked • Last reply May 28, 2016 by Joan Emerson
2,358 5
Light-bulb Is there a way to keep Pearl's Peril activity from posting on Facebook? - That's all.
Della Maricich shared • Last reply Feb 20, 2015 by Polly Ragsdale Taylor
2,289 2
Light-bulb Love Pearls Peril looking for friends to play with, come check my island out! Would love to see y...
shared • Last reply Jun 03, 2016 by Polly Marie
1,932 16
Light-bulb Need flight crew :) - Have been stuck on chapter 8 for ages as I can't get flight crew to move on to...
Donna-Maree Yandell shared • Last reply May 09, 2015 by Marsha Boles
2,000 2
Question-white captains challenge how do i get boat - how do i get the boat to do the captains challenge, my friend...
Sanstephanie Price asked • Last reply May 01, 2016 by
2,118 2
Light-bulb HELP ME PEARLS PERIL PLEASE - I am now on scene 6 and have just found out that all the Pearls and Go...
Gill Francis shared • Last reply Nov 02, 2016 by Honoree Widmer - Pellerin
1,912 3
Question-white search for building materials like gold, pearl or copper pipe etc.. - does anyone know if there are ...
Gina Jenina Miura asked • Last reply Sep 26, 2014 by UnAg KewL
1,898 2
Light-bulb Need to get first prize in Captain's Challenge? - If you are close to #1, but really need that first...
Ms. Tearius shared Jun 10, 2015
1,860 0
Light-bulb how can i get more energy - is there a way to get mor free energy so i can play the game longer?
Dawn P shared • Last reply Nov 27, 2016 by Ms. Tearius
1,787 1
Question-white Money?...I need more!!!!!! - How do I get more? (In the game ha ha) Are there any ways to "earn" so...
Julie Marin asked • Last reply Mar 02, 2015 by
1,720 3
Question-white Chapter 90: the option - I started over and having remorse. Can no longer visit chapters that spent ...
Marsha Boles asked • Last reply May 11, 2015 by UnAg KewL
1,666 2
Light-bulb Saving an unlimited hour - How is it possible to save an unlimited hours' play? I've seen people com...
shared • Last reply Jul 19, 2015 by Ms. Tearius
1,650 1
Light-bulb Getting the most bang for your virtual bucks in the Peruvian Shop - Today, the Peruvian Shop opened....
shared • Last reply Mar 05, 2015 by
1,631 2
Question-white Can't get to the next scene. Need 5 more pink flowers. How do I get them? - Can't get to the next sc...
Liza Haney asked Oct 18, 2015
1,626 0
Question-white Earning more coins - During the time when you cannot advance because you need more Prestige points, ...
Margaret Brinton asked May 03, 2016
1,612 0
Question-white 1 hour unlimited energy - Does anyone know if you can save more than one 1 hour unlimited energy? I...
Meg Stone asked • Last reply Dec 09, 2017 by Ms. Tearius
1,492 8
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