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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Pearl's Peril forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, plea...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Jun 02, 2016 by Polly Marie
8,847 1
Light-bulb Call for help in June's Journey - For players who are also playing June's Journey, I've just been ma...
Ms. Tearius shared 2 hours ago
4 0
Light-bulb CURRENT CAPTAIN'S CHALLENGE - 18-22 Oct, 2017 Challenge: Ch. 36, Sc. 2 - French Riviera http://game...
Ms. Tearius shared • Last reply 3 days ago by Polly Marie
46,144 165
Question-white Why do people feel the need to remove other people's tags? - I've been a member here since I started...
Honoree - Widmer-Pellerin asked • Last reply 5 days ago by Meg Stone
228 17
Light-bulb Add me please - Add me please
Christine Hackimer shared • Last reply a week ago by Polly Marie
27 1
Light-bulb Big News for Artemis Island - From the developers: Hello Adventurers, Andy here with some more upd...
Ms. Tearius shared a week ago
44 0
Light-bulb Is it good to reset the game right after you finish the story? -
Meg Stone shared • Last reply a week ago by Ms. Tearius
39 1
Question-white The new format of the game is slowing it. NOT GOOD! WHY????????????? - Since yesterday I got the for...
Bucur Gabriela asked • Last reply Oct 12, 2017 by Ms. Tearius
38 1
Light-bulb Add me please! Melissa Webber Spisz - If possible please share any or all: Tips, Hacks, and Che...
Melissa Webber shared • Last reply Oct 07, 2017 by Polly Marie
63 1
Light-bulb Pearls Peril App Cache - I play PP on my iPad using the app, which is connected also to FB. There is...
Katy Richard shared Oct 09, 2017
78 0
Question-white How may I earn more badges? - I finished the game then I choose to restart it. I finished again all ...
Alina Stanila asked Oct 06, 2017
41 0
Question-white Earning badges in scenes - If a scene is already mastered, do I still earn badges if I play the scen...
Annette Cooper asked • Last reply Oct 03, 2017 by Mike Mortimore
586 6
Light-bulb How to get collections - I love playing the game. However, I don't understand collections. Can anyon...
Virginia Burns shared • Last reply Oct 03, 2017 by Ms. Tearius
62 1
Light-bulb Question about Quests - Since Pearls Peril changed, there should be some 5 and 10 minute quest wins ...
Victoria Acworth shared Oct 01, 2017
49 0
Question-white Instructions for Playing - Is there a site that will explain the various facets of this game; i.e., ...
Dianne Fox asked • Last reply Sep 29, 2017 by Ms. Tearius
29,160 7
Light-bulb Current Captain's Challenge - Current Captian's Challenge 09/20 - 09/23/2017 Chapter 89 Sc. 5 Bee...
Meg Stone shared • Last reply Sep 28, 2017 by Polly Marie
171 1
Question-white Flight crew requests - The last few times I have asked my friend for flight crew help she doesn't re...
Shirley B asked • Last reply Sep 28, 2017 by Polly Marie
86 2
Light-bulb Does anyone know how wooga determines the total points needed by a team in the Adventure Club?
Meg Stone shared • Last reply Sep 14, 2017 by Honoree - Widmer-Pellerin
225 7
Question-white How to master each scene - On each scene from level 1-16 I would find each item and get all the pres...
Christina Davis asked • Last reply Sep 13, 2017 by Beth Burch
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