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Pin ARTICLE: EA 'retires' Pet Society, SimCity Social, and Sims Social from Facebook - As of June 14, th...
Alan Attebery shared Apr 16, 2013
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Question-white who knows how to get free playfish cash with no hacks but free? - when I read pet society newsletter...
Jennifer Jocelyn asked • Last reply Feb 22, 2012 by Zahidah Tom
1,888 4
Light-bulb Pet Society Tricks - There are lots of people asking about Facebook’s Game Pet society cheat/hack.Bu...
Lyndon Joshiah Dy Buco shared May 01, 2011
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Light-bulb PET SOCIETY - FREE HOUSE EXTERIOR ITEM - Hi there Pet Society fans!   To celebrate the launch of...
Faisal Patel shared Apr 10, 2011
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Light-bulb snag bar in Pet Society - A snag bar would be nice for this game. I can never get the whole collecti...
Sharleen Bielman shared • Last reply Sep 12, 2010 by Jennifer Jocelyn
621 8
Light-bulb how to get more money... - when u feeding pets of your friends u get money for it...u buy a apple fo...
Ivka A Kiko shared • Last reply Oct 25, 2011 by Wendy-jo Barager
545 10
Question-white PETLING NAME CHANGE - Pls can any1 tell me if there is a way to change/edit my petlings name as an e...
Bel Jamison asked • Last reply Sep 12, 2010 by Jennifer Jocelyn
477 2
Light-bulb How to earn more coins ..... :) - 1 ) Even though the trees cost 500 coins plant them ..... On some ...
shared • Last reply Jun 16, 2010 by Anne Witmer
330 3
Light-bulb More coins by cooking food - Depending on the food you decide to cook on the microwave-look-alike th...
Diana Silva shared Mar 04, 2010
302 0
Light-bulb how to get more coins! - make sure to visit your friends pet every day. you will get up to 30 coins...
Hadar Komem shared • Last reply Mar 11, 2010 by Kerryn Gill
258 1
Light-bulb Pet Society Trades... - Hello, Pet Society Lovers, I think it would be great to have a trades button...
Lorena Ang shared Jul 09, 2010
192 0
Light-bulb bigger food better catch! - if you use homegrown food you get bigger and better fish for your aquarium!
Kevin Baetens shared • Last reply May 16, 2010 by Theresia Junita Frida
155 3
Question-white Quiting RC tradeing all my cc items for frontierville items - frontierville players that play RC als...
Chantil S Remines asked • Last reply Aug 19, 2010 by Melissa Molina Vazquez
155 1
Light-bulb How do you Recieving your gift once you accept them from your wall or your Requests page - ...
Faƈebook Securìƭy shared • Last reply Jun 17, 2010 by Anne Witmer
121 2
Question-white Owlbear Garden Game - Has anyone seen a place to discuss this game on Gamers Unite? http://reind...
T-Dog Schooler asked Oct 09, 2011
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Light-bulb Pink Teepee needs clicks - need clicks on my teepee in Pet Society. Thank you. ^_^
Jenn Leah shared May 02, 2010
107 0
Question-white Sending gift to other player without befriend with them? - Okay guys.. i ve wondering how can I send...
A-Ryū Rain Airīn asked • Last reply Nov 10, 2012 by Alan Attebery
89 1
Light-bulb like i love you pet society -
Svetlana Ceca Bakica shared Sep 22, 2010
92 0
Light-bulb NEEDED ACTUAL REGULAR PLAYERS TO ADD - I really REALLY need people that will play and send gifts dai...
Tina Cantrell shared • Last reply Nov 04, 2010 by 'Dzemo Sh
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