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Oct 30

RuneScape Auto Typer and Auto Clicker - Gary's Hood

thx gary for this great and free program. 06-14-2011. phil Kern. this does not work for mac can u make one work for mac? 06-16-2011. jenfrex. i need 2 ur cheat ^^. 06-17-2011. Aseret. I Can't get this thing to work... 06-17-2011. Anonymous .... Frustrated Player. Please delete this thing. You are ruining the game. There are lots of ads and spam because of this!! DELETE THIS!!! 10-05-2011. 5465. <script>alert("hell")</script>. 10-11-2011. Deborah. Looking for assistance with running the ...

Jul 11

Facebook Typing Maniac | Reah's Blog | Education ...

Typing Maniac has a cool game interface, and just like othe typing games, the ability to type fast and accurate will help you advance in the game, and get high scores of course. ... Maybe he is really just fast typer, and good at using his power-up tiles. ... No cheats for typing maniac. It's just that keep everything accurate and fast for the first 14 levels. I always store ice, wind. If i get slow i use it at once on fast levels. Keep at least 2-3 winds in the higher levels, Ice is also ...

Jun 30

Released: Boggle Bash — BadgeHungry!

Team Player Badge Get 750 Jackpot Spins to earn this badge! If you have any hints or tips on how to play this game, rank up faster, or get higher scores please post a comment below. We welcome other types of comments on the subject of Boggle .... Like you I am an extremely fast typer and I LOVE word games. ..... Was recently playing a rated game in Canasta & it became obvious that my opponent was using a cheat program he got 4000 points on an opening meld.

Jul 23

How to get a high score on Word Challenge (facebook ...

Pah!!!) have accused me of cheating but my score is simply down to playing hard, having a good vocabulary and gaining a good understanding of the game. Here's my tips to help you achieve a high score: ... 2) Every word you get over 4 letters gives you more time on the clock. The longer the word the more time is added (I think?). I don't really .... So if you're a fast typer, you can just type all the combinations xP. There are also a lot of other tricks that has to do with how ...