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Need more Poke Wars Friends?

Poke Wars

Challenge a friend and go to war. Each player starts with 36 hours on their clock, return pokes fast before your timer ticks down to zero. Use up all your opponents time and claim your victory!


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AutoPoke | Facebook

An application (bot) which pokes automatically on Facebook. Programmed in C# (.exe-file). ... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hide-n-Cheat/138238929628822


THE OFFICIAL RULES OF POKE WARS. 299770 likes · 9 talking about this. ~ CLICK "THE RULES!" TAB.

Urban Dictionary: poke war

A back and forth battle utilizing Facebook's poking mechanism.

Facebook Poke Hack - YouTube

Dec 24, 2012 ... Break Facebook's Poke App Limitations. ... Facebook Auto Like Status + Comment + Poke by Mutiara Iliya 6,701 views · 2:45. Play next; Play ...

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Apr 16

Facebook Question: What is the point of these "Poke" wars ...

Facebook Question: What is the point of these "Poke" wars? In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) ... I cheat and use a automatic poking extension so that every page refresh makes it poke back anyone who poked me in the interval.

Jun 7

Do You Consider Facebook Poking Cheating??? - My Life's ...

A few months back, whilst in a relationship, I had an ex actually hack my account and delete those individuals that I was in Poke wars with. Maybe she felt as though poking another cute girl could lead to some actual cheating, ...

Nov 18

Foul play: Is text flirting considered cheating ... - Blogs

With all of the savvy technology out here, folks really think they can be clever enough to cheat without it being discovered…NOT If one's .... If it did end well (at least for me), I'd probably continue the poking war until I get tired.

Jan 8

Usenet and the History of the Poke - Giganews Blog

The poke is ubiquitous in Facebook culture. But where, you must ask yourself, was the first poke war fought? According to Andrew Girdwood at e-consultancy.com, the poke is a comfortable middle aged concept born in 1963 ...