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Play the addictive collectable card game online! The mechanics are faithful to the original trading card game. Choose from 4 themed decks - Blackout, Brushfire, Overgrowth and Zap. Each deck gives you access to different cards.


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[via facebook.com, pocketmonster.kotaku.com] ...... As someone who has spent the time training up a fully IV'd EV'd team for online events, I think it's absurd that someone who at some point cheated is not disqualified... if he turned up to a TCG event with photcopied cards he'd have been .... @jakysnakydx Pokemon games have internal cheat checks that makes it impossible to make Pokemon that have higher stats or any moves unavailable to "normal" Pokemon.

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Official Nintendo Magazine providing the latest gaming news, previews, reviews, features, tips and cheats for UK gamers. ... Making up stories in English I would put Pokémon in it, even drawing Pikachu and Voltorb all over my electricity science project. I was only ... I instantly saw that your bonus picture was of blaine and growlithe correct me if I'm wrong but is it based off one of the original pieces of artwork of him from either the tcg or the handbook for red and blue?

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