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Light-bulb In need of neighbors on PotFarm: Grass Roots (Android app) - I'm a daily player, level 26. Add me (:
shared • Last reply 1 day ago by Alexis Laguna
3,428 50
Light-bulb Send pot bucks - love the game been climbing in levels quick thing is cant wait to get more land th...
Ricky Duff shared • Last reply Jul 20, 2011 by Carla Munday
10,373 1
Light-bulb pot farm cheat tips and tricks - I have been playing pot farm form a logn time, I wonder its already...
NiTin Khanal shared Nov 13, 2011
8,679 0
Light-bulb choc chunk dilema - cant figure out how to harvest choc chunks
John Evey shared • Last reply Nov 03, 2011 by Jorge Rialbo
5,337 1
Question-white pot farm help - wanting to put pot farm on my snag bar. is that possible? ive added it to my persona...
Darrell Newton asked • Last reply Dec 10, 2014 by Sandy Forbes
3,121 4
Question-white Collecting PF feed with GU feed collector - Am I the only one to be having trouble with this? No ma...
Rena Long asked • Last reply Mar 10, 2015 by Elaina Guido
2,309 2
Light-bulb potfarm game dev. - to start you all know how to select amount potheads to use instead of selecting ...
Harry Shaffer shared Sep 08, 2011
2,045 0
Light-bulb need pot farm neighbors DAILY PLAYER - please add!!!
Kyle Reid shared • Last reply Jun 18, 2016 by Alexis Miranda
1,186 11
Light-bulb T__T send me a gft plssss i need pot bucks.., i dont know how to have pot bucks - T__T
Ryann Alcantara shared Aug 02, 2010
1,263 0
Question-white Losing Pot Farm gifts using Gamers Unite. - I have been losing POT FARM gifts this week using GU.  I...
ReMasked Reeves asked Oct 13, 2010
1,174 -1
Question-white we need better odds with mystery seeds!!! whos with me? - you could plant 50 mystery seeds before ev...
Michaela Corine Victor asked Jan 13, 2012
826 -1
Light-bulb snag bar for potfamr? - Anyone know a place or the name of a program that will get my daily feed for...
Thomas Keenan shared Oct 13, 2010
908 0
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