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Set off on an adventure and build the perfect Egyptian city fit for the Pharaohs! The valley of Pharaohs awaits...


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! PyramidVille forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Apr 30, 2011 by MissPeaches Intotalcontrol Grayson
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Light-bulb building the sculpture - I have all6 pieces I just dont know how they go together.
Krista Thomas shared • Last reply Mar 21, 2015 by Nathan Paul Prince
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Light-bulb Excavation Pieces 4 - I have four excavation blocks but no idea what they're for...
Nathan Paul Prince shared Mar 21, 2015
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Light-bulb How does one collect the Labyrinthine Pyramid? - I can't figure out how to use the directions to do ...
Angela Jones-Parker shared Mar 13, 2015
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Question-white Pyramid Valley Posts and one click tool - I am not getting any updates for Pyramid valley on the pos...
Marie Seymour Leavitt asked Jan 23, 2013
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Question-white Crops should be revived! - When crops wither I can't seem to find any way to revive them. Is there ...
Dani Marie asked • Last reply Jul 21, 2012 by Elisabeth Mary Archer
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Light-bulb How do you get precious metals? - I looked at what each of my productions produces and I don't see ...
Michele Druther shared • Last reply Sep 02, 2012 by Kate Parsons
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Question-white friend request problems - anyone else having a problem with friend requests it says i have 4 in my i...
Carla Seymour asked Jun 22, 2011
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Question-white What are "Plantations"? - I have a new mission to harvest 15 plantations. I have no idea what these...
Sue Huffman Dixon asked • Last reply Aug 10, 2011 by Robin A. Hughes-Porter
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Light-bulb need more friends - need more friends PyramidVille
Jacqueline Vellinga shared Mar 08, 2015
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Question-white Facebook or iPad app? - Is this forum for Facebook app or the iPad app?
Jill Torning asked Aug 07, 2012
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Question-white How do endurance potions work ? - Does anyone know how long the endurance potions work for ?
Claire Duvel asked Aug 11, 2012
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