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Quest of the Samurai

Quest of the Samurai is choose your own adventure game. The decisions you make will shape the destiny of you character. Fight against other players and complete quests to prove your skill as a samurai and unlock the truth about your past.


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Oct 14

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Samurai Siege is one of the most popular new MMO strategy games (or what some might call a "reverse tower defense" game) on the iOS and Android platforms. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for Samurai Siege!

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More than other games of this type (even ones published by Kabam), Samurai Dynasty is generous about letting you earn cash shop items through gameplay events like daily lotteries and as quest rewards. You can ... Samurai Dynasty may not be appealing to a player already deeply engrossed in a similar game like Kingdoms of Camelot, but it's a game that should be fun for players new to Facebook strategy or interested primarily in the Japanese theme. It's a very ...