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You're the boss in Facebook's original and best restaurant game! Create your own menu, hire your friends and try NEW challenges!


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Light-bulb Tips for levelling up faster - Re-post of mine from within another thread, but under a 'hack reques...
A'Veritas Smart shared • Last reply Dec 17, 2010 by S Elshaboo TheElder-Sama
3,701 6
Question-white MY COOKS WONT COOK ! - My ccoks will not cook i have tried restarting the program, reassinging  new ...
Faƈebook Securìƭy asked • Last reply Oct 01, 2010 by Regina Gabriel
139 1
Light-bulb Piaip's RC Hack Tool v2.4 - hey guys.go google and search for piaips rc toolsdownload.Happy hacking....
Chaderic Ong shared Jul 04, 2010
1,049 0
Light-bulb Daily gift limit - How do you get around the daily limit to receive gifts? This would help alot if a...
Roy Turner shared • Last reply May 19, 2011 by Douglas Chafi
667 1
Light-bulb fast lvl - hi all how to fast lvl hack
Ivan Clapano shared • Last reply May 12, 2010 by Gašper Pirnat
635 2
Question-white How do we get candy for restaurant city -
CW Donna Randall DeThomas asked • Last reply Jan 11, 2011 by Christina Scillieri
610 3
Light-bulb I wish they would make a R.C Snag Bar. - It would be good to have a R.C Snag Bar that collects the i...
Kel Elise shared • Last reply Jul 13, 2011 by Colombo Luciana
340 10
Light-bulb making tuns of money - visit all your friends Evey day to get money
Alec Thompson shared • Last reply May 30, 2010 by Mtrishean Legaspi
506 2
Question-white The new bowling alley has approx. 300 parts are they trying to make us crazy? - Playfish has really...
Faƈebook Securìƭy asked • Last reply Sep 04, 2010 by Robert Wiliams
388 6
Question-white Links for Free Ingrdients???? - Does anyone have links for ingredients?  Pretty please?
Susan-Elf Newell asked • Last reply Jul 21, 2010 by Barbie Rose Collazo
387 1
Light-bulb i need more neighbors,i am a daily player,please add me -
Nicole Crain shared • Last reply Sep 25, 2010 by Amy Honan
303 2
Light-bulb I need Cherry,Coconut,Pineapple, and Tomato - Please
Bernadette Rabb shared Nov 05, 2010
312 0
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