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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Solitaire Tales forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please ...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared Jul 07, 2013
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Light-bulb im on level 338. how do i get more levels - im on level 338 . how do i get more levels
Roy Norrell shared • Last reply Aug 16, 2014 by Tina Gutierrez
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Question-white I keep getting level 1287 over and over Is this the last level? -
Pat Tancreti asked Aug 24, 2017
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Question-white Question on Sound effect and Music Track - I am on Level 125 and when I start the game the Sound eff...
Sue Udhardt asked Nov 12, 2013
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Light-bulb notification on screen. - I would like to know how I can stop the notification on my phone they sho...
Jill Determan Rivera shared • Last reply Jan 17, 2015 by Deborah Newby
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Question-white Level 450 - CANNOT GET PAST WOOD! - I just cannot get past having every card tied up with wood, prev...
Janice Augustine asked Jun 21, 2017
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Question-white How do you enlarge gaming window? - I do not know how to enlarge the gaming window on my PC. I cann...
asked Feb 13, 2015
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Question-white help me pass level 85 - What makes the minus cards from the deck and why dont the hammer remove bloc...
Linda Hance asked Feb 01, 2016
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Question-white Question on level 458 - Keeping getting stuck on level 458 and won't go past does the game end here ...
Tulin Ahmet asked Jan 06, 2017
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