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Pin PLEASE SHARE YOUR CODES AND STAR GIRL ID - share your id and please add who ever that share their st...
Ayza Lautner shared • Last reply Aug 06, 2015 by hannah bell
55,917 2,914
Light-bulb Add and like me please, MY ID: WRM7SN - I just started playing star girl, so please help me by addi...
Nananana nanana shared 2 days ago
5 0
Light-bulb Share ID and get FRIENDS LIKES VOTES - Comment with your ID and add those who reply to get more like...
Hannah Leann Renfro shared • Last reply 17 hours ago by Mul Yati
1,275 123
Light-bulb BLCFBC Hack Star Girl VOTE, just LIKE - Easy hack. XOXO❤❤💋
Lilz Souza shared • Last reply 1 day ago by Star Girl 0.17
1,148 21
Light-bulb PLEASE SHARE YOUR STAR GIRL ID HERE - Hey everyone! Please feel free to share your Star Gir IDs her...
Carmela Austin shared • Last reply Nov 08, 2017 by Zozer Bean
309 16
Light-bulb SHARE YOUR STAR GIRL IDs HERE - Hey everyine! I'm a daily player who plats almost every day. Please ...
Carmela Austin shared Oct 06, 2017
42 0
Light-bulb Likes for Like! LOL - Add my two accounts and like them and I will do the same for you! <3 Ac...
8-bit Beats Grimling shared Sep 05, 2017
37 0
Light-bulb Add me KTCYGQ - Can anyone tell me how to get the disney boyfriends pls (beast, aladdin, etc.) Please
Armygirl shared Aug 31, 2017
18 0
Light-bulb please add my id UGD84J - .
Jeje Lee shared Aug 15, 2017
36 0
Light-bulb My code 🎀 - 5FAPVT
Chelsey Mican shared Aug 02, 2017
34 0
Light-bulb Want to be liked and have more friends in Star Girl :) <3 ?? -
Dawn Angeli Mendez shared • Last reply Jul 19, 2017 by HELENA wilson
2,120 154
Question-white Help with boyfriends - How do you get the beast, Aladdin,etc? I've unlocked all the other boyfriends...
Stephanie Hatcher Gatewood asked • Last reply Jul 18, 2017 by Elliza Pool
5,436 12
Light-bulb please add my id PQWB8Y..thank you . -
Sitinoerfariha Riha shared Jul 23, 2017
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