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Question-white where is perfume - looking for perfume where is it!! checked dressers tables cabinets ect.
Shauna Lovell asked • Last reply Jul 15, 2014 by Mariska Fermie
493 2
Light-bulb Cheer up Natalie - i cant seem to cheer up natalie and when i click on show me it wants me to make a...
Deloris K M Wilson shared • Last reply Sep 27, 2014 by Mikey Shaw
424 3
Question-white Episode 5: Repair Natalie's Dressing Room Dresser - I have clicked everywhere around the Dresser to ...
Deena Nicholson Singleton asked • Last reply Jul 29, 2014 by Samantha Preece
380 8
Light-bulb Does anyone know how to change careers? - I want a career change. How do I do it?
Amy Cummings shared Sep 05, 2014
373 0
Light-bulb can someone help me find good ideas? - can someone tell me where to find good ideas?
Misti Neilon shared • Last reply Aug 23, 2014 by M Tracy Harris
347 2
Light-bulb Walls Come Down - Is there a way to buy two small rooms and put them together and remove the wall in...
Crystal Baird shared • Last reply Jul 06, 2014 by Danilo Marenzi
378 1
Light-bulb How to Upgrade my guitare so that I earn more money - Hi Guys, Does anyone here know what kind of ta...
Jess Harnisch shared • Last reply Oct 17, 2014 by Dallis Gilbert-Prestridge
359 2
Light-bulb epsoid 4 shovel problem - how do u find the shovel for epsiod 4 plz help me
Abby Meade shared • Last reply Jun 26, 2014 by Katherine Kanna
328 1
Light-bulb NEED NEIGHBORS BADLY <3 <3 <3 - Please add to you neighbors !! please begging u guys hehe
shared • Last reply May 15, 2015 by
254 7
Light-bulb Broken Glass for Syling Mirror - I need to get some broken glass for a mirror panel to update my sty...
Coriander Scott shared • Last reply May 29, 2014 by Tracy Smith Cookson
317 1
Question-white im stuck on episode 6 ahairy message - what do i have to do to get pass it i cant open it i have tr...
asked • Last reply Mar 18, 2015 by
316 1
Light-bulb It stopped me at Chapter 6 and tells me to "like them wait for updates." How long do we have to ...
Lindsey Pennella shared Jul 12, 2014
295 0
Question-white Any bright ideas... - ... and where can I find them?
Faith Marie Bynum asked • Last reply Aug 23, 2014 by M Tracy Harris
272 2
Question-white How I can get glass of whiskey..?? help please... -
Agito Argento asked • Last reply Sep 21, 2014 by Edrel Lou Myeon
257 2
Question-white I NEED THE "LAND CONTRACT" - Where do you obtain the "Land Contract"????? I have the Cash but I ne...
asked • Last reply Sep 08, 2016 by Mary Alca
227 2
Question-white Sheet Metal, Cans, Trash, Animals: Where do I find them? - I have cleared all the trash, cans, anim...
Angela Mooney Phillips asked Jul 02, 2014
214 0
Light-bulb How do I get more energy? - Is there any other way to get energy besides visiting neighbors? It run...
Charlotte Marie shared Apr 11, 2015
213 0
Light-bulb how to fix Marias tv?? - I have the hammer but t doesn't fix her tv! I'm stuck in the game! Any s...
Jane Hugs shared May 18, 2014
192 0
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