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Need more The Big Farm Theory Friends?

The Big Farm Theory

New vision of farming for smart people!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! The Big Farm Theory forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, ple...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Jul 12, 2013 by Reggie Nobdy
4,015 6
Light-bulb Help with ID please - I'm new to this game and I've tried logging into Facebook with it to add frien...
shared • Last reply Apr 06, 2015 by Rae Hall
21 1
Question-white How to keep flowers on farm - How do I keep my daffodils on the farm without harvest them or have th...
asked Apr 04, 2015
19 0
Question-white Help with game - Hi, I have been playing for about 4 days now. When constructing buildings you need ...
Cassandra Lewis asked • Last reply Jan 06, 2012 by Andrea Lewis
2,068 1
Question-white what do i do... - what do i do when i dont have neghbors. none of my facebook friends are playin thi...
Elizebeth Muniz asked • Last reply Dec 18, 2012 by Char Olson
1,408 4
Light-bulb Amber Paint Mission - How do I finish the Amber paint mission so I can expand as I've done 5 already...
Rabiah Mamo shared • Last reply Dec 07, 2012 by Kicki Holmqvist Melén
1,268 5
Question-white How do you get orange paint in big farm theory - how do u get orange paint
Steve Springstead asked • Last reply Jun 16, 2012 by
895 3
Question-white Study Artillery Cucumbers - What do I have to do in order to study artillery cucumbers? I have buil...
Cyndi Koseluk asked • Last reply Nov 04, 2011 by Kathleen O'Brien Hoovis
817 2
Light-bulb for farm expansion - at what level or when can we have the next expansion?? i am at level 11, just a...
Debarati Sen Roy shared Jan 28, 2012
812 0
Question-white How to get Magneto - Does anyone know how or where I can find magneto??? Thanks in advance for your ...
Stefan Linhard asked • Last reply Mar 05, 2012 by Juanita Cross
595 1
Light-bulb Need Neighbours/Besoin de voisins - Hello, I'm looking after neighbours, that's my game's ID : 1d...
Lily Westinger shared • Last reply Mar 03, 2013 by Mercedes Weast
509 1
Light-bulb Problem in the mission - Hi i am player of "Big farm theory". I have 1 problem. I need of mission "S...
Ekaterina Peteleva shared • Last reply Apr 28, 2012 by Rene Cielecki
502 1
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