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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! The Tribez forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use t...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared Dec 19, 2012
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Question-white anyone know how to add neighbors? - I need to add some neighbors but it won't give me a complete lis...
Denise Zarco asked • Last reply Jan 03, 2020 by rita baker
15,538 169
Light-bulb how do i get lumber? -
May Llave shared • Last reply Oct 17, 2018 by Just do it
16,657 2
Light-bulb How do you move items around in the game? - I have been trying to move items around. I cannot figur...
Tracey G. Giesen shared • Last reply Jan 13, 2019 by anonymous google user
4,917 3
Light-bulb won't let me input promo codes - I am playing on a galaxy III phone and it won't input promo codes i...
Ellen Arellano shared • Last reply Mar 28, 2013 by Richard Bos
1,768 1
Question-white Adding Friends by Support ID? - There used to be a way for Android users to add people using their f...
Amber Adams asked • Last reply Mar 04, 2016 by Sarah LaRoche
992 1
Light-bulb i need sand for bridge - where does sand come from? trying to build a bridge
Howard Bates shared • Last reply Feb 07, 2014 by Virginia Haar Gameaccount
947 2
Question-white Neighbors without Facebook - Is there a way to get neigbors without facebook, coz i'm not really usi...
Arnold Hoekstra asked • Last reply Oct 02, 2018 by Harmonymusiq the original one
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Light-bulb how do I get lumber if I am not on level 12 -
Keiara Leclair shared Mar 31, 2017
588 0
Question-white Screen Movements Limited - So I noticed when I play that when you scroll to the sides it automatical...
Heather Hartley asked • Last reply Dec 06, 2013 by Howard Bates
407 2
Question-white SYNC GOOGLE PLAY ON PHONE WITH FACEBOOK ON PC - I'm new to this game. I first started playing on my...
Ginger Huff asked Oct 25, 2016
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Light-bulb please tribez peoples i need neighbours 😃 - play on windows phone. Cant login to facebook 😊 ...
Lynn Wareing shared Dec 11, 2016
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Light-bulb Active Tribez player looking for more neighbors -
Justin Weitenbeck shared • Last reply Jan 31, 2016 by Amy Perry
230 1
Light-bulb Please , I need friends in the TribOz . Thanks. - Linda Ribeiro.
Linda Ribeiro shared • Last reply Dec 13, 2015 by Paula Wright
172 1
Light-bulb Only fb now I guess - Since now you can only add tribez people from friends only. I have found out ...
Pablo Camacho shared • Last reply Jun 18, 2016 by Mary Joiner
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Light-bulb Need lots of neighbours - Wondering if anybody needs neighbours?
Jeremiah Slawson shared Sep 19, 2015
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Light-bulb Need friends to play with me!!! -
Deb Thompson shared • Last reply Nov 21, 2014 by Ali Kaan Oğuz
156 3
Question-white new tribez neighbours - Hiya, does anyone want to be a Tribez neighbour ... need a couple to get th...
asked Feb 22, 2015
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