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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! The Tribez forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use t...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared Dec 19, 2012
2,612 0
Question-white anyone know how to add neighbors? - I need to add some neighbors but it won't give me a complete lis...
Denise Zarco asked • Last reply Jan 03, 2020 by rita baker
15,524 169
Light-bulb How do you move items around in the game? - I have been trying to move items around. I cannot figur...
Tracey G. Giesen shared • Last reply Jan 13, 2019 by anonymous google user
4,899 3
Light-bulb how do i get lumber? -
May Llave shared • Last reply Oct 17, 2018 by Just do it
16,589 2
Question-white Neighbors without Facebook - Is there a way to get neigbors without facebook, coz i'm not really usi...
Arnold Hoekstra asked • Last reply Oct 02, 2018 by Harmonymusiq the original one
831 1
Light-bulb as neighbor a4q5qwu7 -
Smita Mishra shared Sep 03, 2018
25 0
Light-bulb Like give me Lumber you stupid game I mean srly - Funk you on hook you allfuck
Kameron Harvey-Kinsey shared Aug 26, 2018
27 0
Question-white Where has all my neighbors gone? - 3 days ago, all my neighbors disappeared from my screen except Ja...
Debbie Hiscock asked May 22, 2018
47 0
Question-white I lost all my history - Earlier today I lost all of my accomplisments in the game after playing for ...
Joe Wallen asked Apr 17, 2018
16 0
Question-white Sent you a request -
Felicia Rangel asked Apr 12, 2018
16 0
Light-bulb Can't find moon fragments - Where are the moon fragments
Brenda Hodge shared Dec 17, 2017
25 0
Light-bulb Add me- inshala wisdom- please. I don't use my Facebook for games and I love tribez -
Alex Belton shared Nov 28, 2017
31 0
Light-bulb cant log in to facebook - having difficulties logging into face book. It's giving me the error about...
Delessia Chapin shared Oct 31, 2017
25 0
Light-bulb Add me plz - Ibgsaaq5 my code
Lora shared Sep 13, 2017
30 0
Light-bulb Where can I find swords? - Please tell me where I can find swords to build a bridge. Thanks
carly Holloway shared Sep 10, 2017
92 0
Light-bulb Need friends please - im not sending requests on Facebook since no one is playing the game. I need ...
Rebecca Mock shared Aug 17, 2017
78 0
Question-white Help, how do I add friends? - I see everyone's IDs listed for adds, but I don't know how to use them...
Lori S. Ihli asked Jul 15, 2017
98 0
Light-bulb Bonus buy items - Have they done away with the bonus items you can buy, that are on the right hand s...
Kurt Barber shared Jul 08, 2017
43 0
Light-bulb Windows Platform Need Neighbors! - I play every day, but cannot get higher up becuase I need neighbo...
Janine Marcotte shared Jan 26, 2017
127 0
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