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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Township forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use the...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply 2 hours ago by geetha lakshmi
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Light-bulb Looking for township friends - Add me w8ynzb
ivy M. shared 1 day ago
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Light-bulb Add me I need neighbours - Me and my partner are looking for neighbours add uahqry add gagkwc
Grainne Roisin shared 5 days ago
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Light-bulb Daily Player, looking for peeps - Code is 5JMQEP, see u in gamge
Anup Sebastian shared 6 days ago
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Light-bulb Friend with Benefits - Hi, i'm a helpfull person. Add me and you will get the benefits !!!!!!!!! 2SUYPB
Anton Burger shared a week ago
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Light-bulb Help for people new to Township - Everyone, I just wanted to post some suggestions and miscellane...
Gregory Westgate shared • Last reply Aug 28, 2016 by merrie jayne
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Question-white Best way to get coins - What would be the best way to get coins in township?
Noah Sherman asked Jan 20, 2013
17,905 -2
Light-bulb Township "shortcuts" anyone? - Anyone has some shortcuts to get buildings or materials? Like some fr...
Suzana Black shared Jul 14, 2013
16,692 -1
Question-white NO FRIENDS, NO TOWNSHIP FRIENDS, NO NEIGHBOURS! - when i go into FREE GIFTS or try to ask for help S...
Elizabeth Taylor asked • Last reply Oct 04, 2016 by Richard Shumpert
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Light-bulb what are the new Gems used for? - I did the update but have no idea what the gems we are collecting ...
shared • Last reply Aug 22, 2016 by jesus jimmie Woollard
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Light-bulb How to get shovels - How do I get shovels? Don't wanna buy them!
Patricia Goldsand shared Nov 02, 2013
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Question-white New fruit trees for jam machine - I have the jam machine working but only have strawberries. Other ...
Patricia Goldsand asked Feb 07, 2015
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