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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Township forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use the...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply 4 days ago by Mary Oneill
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Question-white Zoo Opening And how - When does the zoo open
Christine Heard asked 1 day ago
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Light-bulb Check Out My Town!!!! -
Alex Grim shared 1 day ago
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Question-white help loading plane and trains since update - I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble w...
Amy Mueller asked 2 days ago
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Light-bulb Plus and minus signs on the leaderboard? - Can any one tell me what these are for?
Sarah Love shared • Last reply a week ago by Birthe Hansen
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Light-bulb i cant find purchased axes. where do they store? -
shared • Last reply Aug 19, 2015 by hazel Meyler
315 2
Light-bulb Cargo plane missing - is there any reason why I still don't have the cargo plane although I'm on lev...
Caroline Stenning shared Aug 18, 2015
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Question-white Can't load game - I'm on level 78 of this game and love it, but for some reason, everytime I tried t...
Robinson James asked • Last reply Aug 15, 2015 by Elliott Ewuzz
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Light-bulb need friends to play with me!!! - I need people that play this so I can get slabs and grow my town!!!
Kristy Black Dawson shared • Last reply Aug 19, 2015 by Laurie Duncan
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Question-white Need help with clovers - How do you write letter to send clovers
Lisa Schoff asked • Last reply Aug 19, 2015 by hazel Meyler
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Light-bulb Try again Township was not working but now it is!!! - It has actually been 4 days! The servers were ...
Elliott Ewuzz shared Aug 14, 2015
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Light-bulb Please be friend with me -
Anna Le shared Aug 13, 2015
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