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Light-bulb need - I need more health !!!! what can I do!!!!???? anyone know about any cheat to help me?
Analia Yamamoto shared • Last reply Mar 29, 2010 by Amy Woodside
2,122 2
Light-bulb mus dollars - can't find a way to get mus dollars without paying for them
Theresa Jean Oberly shared • Last reply Aug 16, 2010 by Elizabeth Meeker Greene
1,752 3
Light-bulb Tips for Pearls Mania - Very similar to the popular bubble popping games, you can get a nice high le...
Chao Lam shared Feb 06, 2010
926 0
Light-bulb Score in no time on Jewel Drop mini-game - Use the keyboard: up arrow = rotate piece Left arrow = mo...
Chao Lam shared Feb 06, 2010
724 0
Light-bulb DON"T buy museum dollars - I’ve been playing Treasure Madness for several years. Loyal customers who...
Elizabeth Meeker Greene shared Jul 28, 2012
640 0
Question-white Stuck on Aztec Memory mini-game? - Even with a bad memory it is possible to get quite far with this ...
Chao Lam asked • Last reply Mar 29, 2010 by Amy Woodside
575 1
Light-bulb Tips for Chestris - You get way more points if you make several lines at a time. So you should build...
Chao Lam shared Feb 02, 2010
558 0
Light-bulb How to get to Master lvl10 on Jewel Swap - Try to make matches at the bottom of the board as these q...
Chao Lam shared Feb 06, 2010
420 0
Question-white People NOT on my Team Sending me Wish List Items - Just yesterday I started getting items gifted to ...
Mark Barrett asked • Last reply Jul 26, 2010 by Leigh Anne
288 1
Light-bulb Jewel swap help - instead of clicking 2 times drag the jewel up or down it's much faster this way
Christina Castor shared Mar 01, 2010
266 0
Question-white loading issue in treasure madness - since the maintenance i can not get in treasure madness it stay ...
Lisa Ann asked Aug 24, 2010
211 0
Question-white Game Feed Still not working on here...what's the deal?!!!!! - How do you get the treasure madness fe...
Bernadette Regetz Gering asked • Last reply Jun 07, 2010 by Nicole Strachan Blevins
237 1
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