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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Village Life forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Feb 03, 2017 by julie vasonal
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Question-white My games do not load - Does anyone know why my games do not load? I open the game and load the ho...
Sarah Van den Vloet asked a week ago
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Question-white Mountain Village? How do you get there? - I have unlocked almost everything in riverside and am just...
Corrine Haslett asked • Last reply 5 days ago by julie vasonal
15,937 53
Question-white Please help! How do you unlock the village after the mountain? Also how do you get clothes?
Heather Whitaker asked • Last reply 5 days ago by julie vasonal
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Question-white How long does it take for babies to age??? - My babies I feel like have been 2 years old for about 2...
Susie T. Barrow asked • Last reply May 04, 2017 by sopeya alkatel
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Light-bulb Need daily player on Village Life to add me! - Hi I'm new to Village life and I just want to not ha...
Hannah Postma shared • Last reply 6 days ago by Sophie Scott
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Light-bulb New to Village Life... - How do I increase my village star rating? Can villagers in my village marr...
Jackie Greene shared May 02, 2017
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Light-bulb Add me! Daily users only - Ashley Titus and Ashleykitten
Ashley Titus shared Apr 27, 2017
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Question-white ADD ME (Daily users) Send me and trade (if i have it) - I NEED TO GET MY 18 YR OLD VILLIGER KAYLNN A...
Jay Robinson asked • Last reply Apr 26, 2017 by Timeless God
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Question-white Villagers getting married - I have read somewhere that if two villagers get married that the person...
Sam Bosma asked • Last reply Apr 17, 2017 by Neal Cooper
642 2
Question-white village life wants / thought bubbles - Will my villagers ever get rid of or forget a want on village...
Village Life Gaming 101 asked • Last reply Apr 08, 2017 by Kaitlynn Scribner
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Question-white are there any time cheats to speed things up? -
Bren s asked • Last reply Mar 24, 2017 by marjun baguhino
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Light-bulb How to get a 2 star or better villager? - How do you get a villager above 1 star?
Simone Clarke shared • Last reply Mar 24, 2017 by marjun baguhino
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