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Guide your villagers from birth through to first date, marriage, childbirth and old age with all the fun of life along the way!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Village Life forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Apr 07, 2015 by
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Light-bulb I'm new and looking for friends! - Anyone still playing? Im looking for friends to play with!
Tiffany Yam shared 8 hours ago
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Light-bulb I need people who play village life daily!! - I am in need of people that can help me and i can help...
shared • Last reply May 19, 2015 by
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Light-bulb love is needed! - My villager is 21.and he needs love.I'm an active player so I come on it 10x a day...
shared • Last reply May 15, 2015 by
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Light-bulb all villagers died - not sure what do i do now, all my villagers died and i do mean all???any sugges...
shared • Last reply May 15, 2015 by
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Light-bulb I play daily willing to send for send every time -
shared • Last reply May 16, 2015 by
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Light-bulb Travel Journal Book - How many journal books do you have to make before your two characters can move...
shared • Last reply May 15, 2015 by
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Light-bulb looking for someone that will play the game! -
shared May 15, 2015
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Question-white MARRIAGE TOOK MY VILLAGER - ok yeah so someone asked my village dude to get married to her..... only...
Kïrsten Olsen asked • Last reply Apr 29, 2015 by
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Question-white How can i see the village history??? -
asked May 03, 2015
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Question-white add people to village - How do I add people to my village?
asked • Last reply Apr 29, 2015 by
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Question-white HELP SUPPER FAST - How do u get from th mountain to to woodland
asked Apr 30, 2015
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Question-white Will There be a Link-Share for Village Life? - not many of my fb friends still play the game, and wh...
Chantal Bible asked Apr 23, 2015
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