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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Village Life forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply 5 hours ago by Lamya Jifri
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Light-bulb Can't access Family Tree. - After this latest update, I can't find or access the family tree. Has it...
psycho01cb shared • Last reply Jul 11, 2016 by Alexander Jensen
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Question-white are there any time cheats to speed things up? -
Bren s asked May 11, 2016
3,253 -2
Question-white MARRIAGE TOOK MY VILLAGER - ok yeah so someone asked my village dude to get married to her..... only...
Kïrsten Olsen asked • Last reply 7 hours ago by Mary Silva
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Light-bulb how do i get my own villagers to marry? if that is an option -
Kendra Zuber shared Apr 29, 2016
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Light-bulb How to share "UNLIMITED" free GEMS level-up posts - This awesome Tip was shared by another Village L...
Paula Stewart shared • Last reply 4 days ago by Hayden Goyder
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Light-bulb Ways to get more gems and coins? - I want to get more gems and coins without always having to leveli...
Natalie Carley shared • Last reply 4 days ago by Hayden Goyder
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Question-white Mountain Village? How do you get there? - I have unlocked almost everything in riverside and am just...
Corrine Haslett asked • Last reply 4 days ago by Hayden Goyder
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Question-white village life hack - Can someone help download village life hack 3.8 or village life tool 1.2 without...
Elena Stefanidi asked • Last reply 4 days ago by Hayden Goyder
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Light-bulb How to get a 2 star or better villager? - How do you get a villager above 1 star?
Simone Clarke shared Apr 20, 2016
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Question-white Adding new villagers - I just started playing Village Life and have accepted quite a few neighbor re...
Carol Gehm asked Mar 24, 2013
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Light-bulb How am I suppose to get more gems - Does anyone know if any quick ways to get gems????
Carol Eckert shared Apr 15, 2016
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