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Thrash your Facebook friends in an exciting online multiplayer game like Chess or Mahjong! Personalize your Avatar to see who got the best design sense from Viwawa's large collection of clothes, accessories and more!

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Mar 12, 2010 ... 1)open cheat engine 2)click on the flashing computer 3)search for ... money didnt work in you won hacker game facebook it theree 123 pwnthis.

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Oct 10

Viwawa Memories

First at the year of 2008, at month of April, at that day, I went to my cousin's house and I saw him playing Viwawa, so I asked him what game is it? ... The first ID get banned, because of playing cheats, The ID died on the month and year of November 2008. Lols. ... We talked to each other at the lobby of Match It. At that time I'm only level 11 and she is 13 (We are still newbies x]) Soon, I got more friends in Match It and now we still contact to each other at Facebook. Then I ...

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Kings and Legends (KaL) is a tactical trading card, turn-based strategy game. You are the lord of Silver Heron Ridge. Together with your hero, your town and your deck of cards explore the land in the main campaign, party up with your friends for challenges or pick up the competition with other players in the arena, there's game play for all. ... Viwawa on Facebook ...

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