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Whats Your Funny Christmas Name?

What is your Christmas name? Find out your christmas name and display it in your profile.


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Funny status updates using your friends list. 17358 likes · 63 talking about this. We've all seen the..... use the first people on your friends list in...

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Apr 8, 2015 ... Cheating on your significant other when they know your Facebook... ... What kind of guy doesn't know his girlfriend's cup size? (via Chive).

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May 12, 2014 ... This one is clever because the last name, Concours, means contest. That should tell you ... facebook contest cheating announcement. When you ... For a voting contest, make sure your app reveals who voted for what. spotting a fake ..... After winning a holiday in a log cabin, I now pay to go every Christmas.

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Cup Game, Facebook Parties Use this game to generate more fun in your Facebook Party ... Jamberry game name that Disney princess .... "Guess the Christmas Song - Jamberry Nails Game" by kspantonjamon on Polyvore featuring River .... Comment with the number and your email address to reveal what you've won!

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Aug 31

Facebook List of Fun Tag Statuses to Add to Yours!

To use these, just copy / paste them to your Facebook status, and after each name, do an "@<the friend's name>", and it'll tag each person in blue with a link to their profile, and will also show the post on that friend's wall. ... Look at your profile and use the first 9 friends on the left ... Don't Cheat! I threw a party ... Here's what happened: Crashed the party: Got too drunk: Started a fight: Jumped in the pool naked: Left early: Passed out: French kissed my dog: Wouldn't ...

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(bad facebook stories, funny facebook stories) ... What a beautiful moment for this Missouri family posing for their Christmas card photo. But what ... Nathalie Blanchard, a woman from Quebec on long-term sick leave has stopped receiving monthly benefits after she posted Facebook photos of herself having fun. ... Alex Anfuso, an Italian man kidnapped by his own father at the age of 5, has lived in Cairo, the Egyptian capital for the last 22 years using a different name.

Aug 7

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Your husband or wife is probably a lot of great things—supportive, smart, caring, successful, you name it—but there is probably something that he or she is not. And when you meet someone who has ... That's what people are really debating when they want to know whether or not it's okay to friend an ex on Facebook. Let's take a look at a couple of situations ..... Such people are not fun to be around and definitely not fun to be in a relationship with. Just my two cents.

Dec 30

6 Smart Ways To Run Facebook Contests Your Fans Will Love

Help them cheat. Your users want to feel like you're on their side, and they want more chances to win. So give them even more opportunities to enter. Enable bonus sharing by following on other platforms like Twitter, then go one step farther. Does your ... (There's something to be said for getting your name at the top of a list.) You can also ... Ask them to share their funniest stories, their most heartwarming moments, and the stories they tell every Christmas. (Bonus ...