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Whats Your Funny Christmas Name?

What is your Christmas name? Find out your christmas name and display it in your profile.


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Dec 16

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This instructable will tell you helpful ways to guess what your Christmas present is...In fact it doesn't ... like a present 3. Put a bow under It so it looks like its upside down 4. watch your vicim turn it over and you know the rest (: This is a funny prank ... For me that is awesome cause i don't have a phone. But what I heard was pun cake. So I have a present here it says my name from my mom and sister. How do I know what it is. pokmon987 JonathanG88 months agoReply. Ha lol! A phone!

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May 12

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Apr 16

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John Wizard isn't just the name of your studio, but he's also a character in his own right (who even made an appearance in Dawn's Light: Christmas Tale). Tell us more ... John Wizard is an easy character to write because we get to make fun of ourselves and I've got tons of material for that. I have no ... Comparing the length of an RPG to the length of a hidden object game is cheating. RPGs use ... (If so, what would a Facebook game from John Wizard be like?) I'm not a ...