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Light-bulb zoo world snag bar and bonus checker - bonus checker wont let me accept animals off it. is the a sna...
Denise Priddy shared • Last reply Oct 16, 2011 by Donna Haggerty
4,003 10
Light-bulb Auto Adopt Animals! - I'd like to have a bar who auto adopt the animals :)..
Quincy van Doesburg shared • Last reply Apr 24, 2011 by Karen Routh
3,428 28
Light-bulb [ TIPS ] Easy Level + Money + Exp Zoo World 2 - Hey Buddy, Welcome to Zoo World 2 Discussions ::...
Keith Thou San shared Aug 07, 2011
3,133 0
Question-white is there a zoo world snag bar? - i have the farmville snag bar and i love it. is there one for zoo w...
Debi Reny Rash asked • Last reply Dec 21, 2010 by Danny Brown
2,529 11
Light-bulb Reloading Zooworld Animals for adoption - there are several people who have all the new zooworld ani...
Anjie Williams Lucas shared • Last reply Apr 18, 2010 by -Marie Martinez
2,352 2
Light-bulb hacks baby - fun stuff for ever
Mehdi Laaziri shared • Last reply Mar 28, 2010 by Jeffrey D'Andrea
2,292 4
Light-bulb Zoo World Money - Ingame just find your best income ticket price and change it to it .. mine is 16. ...
ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ส็็็็็็็็็ shared • Last reply Jun 27, 2010 by Elspeth McGuillian
2,028 4
Light-bulb 2 of each animals - how do i get 2 of each im not able to level up cant seem to get 2 of each animal
Susan Vacca Hutchins shared • Last reply Apr 25, 2010 by Bryan Bunyard
1,676 6
Question-white animals in zoo world bonus checker - when i go and try to adopt any animals now it now tells me that...
Danielle Milliman asked • Last reply May 05, 2010 by Alan Attebery
1,484 2
Light-bulb Tip: Wildlife coins - Save your wildlife coins and buy one of the trees that produces wildlife coins...
Tamara Lynn Wischmeier shared • Last reply May 16, 2010 by Angie Nischwitz Maidenname Peak
1,519 5
Question-white List of ZooWorld Animals - Does anyone have a complete list of Zoo world animals that is available?
Laura Hinrichs asked • Last reply Oct 31, 2010 by Kat Papas
1,417 2
Question-white Zynga snag bar - i have the farmville snag bar to but is there one for every Zynga game?
Brutes Bieri asked • Last reply May 05, 2010 by Stephanie Lynn Wall
1,350 7
Light-bulb how to get bottles in zoo world hack -!/notes/joe-oleary-zoo-worl...
Asura Resina shared • Last reply May 03, 2010 by Cheryl Pierce
1,179 1
Question-white Juice for the heart collector and the heart feeder - Besides buying the juice for the collector & fe...
KiKi Griffin asked • Last reply Jul 24, 2010 by LeAnn Brown
1,187 2
Question-white Posting several of the same animal for adoption? - Some of my zoomates post several of a new animal ...
Jeanie Tony Combess asked • Last reply Jul 08, 2010 by Jeanie Tony Combess
834 3
Light-bulb Does anyone have links to gift the Greenhouse parts? -
Cheryl Pierce shared • Last reply May 05, 2010 by Minnie Dominguez
814 3
Light-bulb zoo world feed - i haven,t had an animal come up for ageds on the feed how comes some people can po...
Samantha Taylor shared • Last reply Jul 23, 2011 by Jan Trevaskus
784 5
Light-bulb Recruiting Zoo Mates for breeding to get more wildlife points - The more zoomates you recruit, you c...
Wong Bebe shared • Last reply Mar 28, 2010 by Deana Drury
741 1
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