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Light-bulb to unlock the other islands is a real pain 60 more zoomates really need some help -
Ravi Singh shared • Last reply Nov 23, 2016 by Nyakiringa wa Nganga
127 3
Light-bulb zoo world friends - hey looking for zoo friends ..
shared May 18, 2015
26 0
Question-white zoomates I really need about 10 more! - need more zoomates to unlock islands!!! Thank you so much fo...
Carole Tidwell asked • Last reply Jun 13, 2010 by Kim Woollums Suzda
143 5
Question-white zoo world 1 apps - I have a big question that all u fellow gamers might help me with. As u all know ...
Brad Atwater asked • Last reply Oct 13, 2013 by Debbie Chambers
349 1
Question-white Need help figuring this out items that show on the feed, Zoo World - I am new to GU and when I clic...
Carol Hossie Langston asked Mar 22, 2012
58 0
Light-bulb Unable to claim Zoo world items - When I click the feeds and then collect all.... it says " ERROR: A...
Pam Hamilton shared Mar 23, 2012
62 0
Question-white Confused, Claimed items still showing up - I just started using GU and when I claim the feed items, ...
Carol Hossie Langston asked Mar 22, 2012
28 0
Light-bulb been gone from the game - I will be back soon
Debbie Louise Parsley shared Feb 20, 2012
34 0
Question-white Zoo World ! - how do you get grows formela in zoo one? it was easy before their changed all, now i n...
Renate Manntz asked Feb 02, 2012
48 0
Question-white zoo world snag bar - when are we going to get a zoo world snag bar????
Cheryl Rippetoe asked • Last reply Jan 12, 2012 by Wallace Moore
384 2
Light-bulb send me please -
Julie Provost shared Nov 11, 2011
45 0
Light-bulb trades please need kangaroos -
Julie Provost shared Nov 10, 2011
55 0
Light-bulb zoo world snag bar and bonus checker - bonus checker wont let me accept animals off it. is the a sna...
Denise Priddy shared • Last reply Oct 16, 2011 by Donna Haggerty
3,996 10
Light-bulb ATTN: GU Developers - 1-click friends/ZW2 issue - Not sure where to report these issues, so i will p...
Mike Nunn shared Oct 08, 2011
90 0
Light-bulb ZW1 help needed for WLPs - Does anyone have any idea how people are doing the "(name here) got crack...
Nora Caterino shared • Last reply Sep 28, 2011 by Cathy Bernatowicz
146 1
Light-bulb Discontinuing game as of today - Since I seem to not be able to expand because my 2 requests are con...
Glo Reynolds shared Sep 21, 2011
77 0
Light-bulb how do I get help with zoo workers, - every time i try to send request for friends in monkey house ...
Carrie Martin shared Aug 31, 2011
71 0
Question-white wrenches/kiosk up grade - can some one give me a list of kiosk's that can be upgraded using the dai...
Rita Jens asked • Last reply Aug 19, 2011 by 'Julia Benoit
320 5
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