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South Africa broadcaster bans reference to 'Zumaville' - Telegraph

Nov 7, 2012 ... South Africa bans reference to 'Zumaville' ... Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are suing the lawyers who represented Paul Ceglia, the man ...

Produce Nkandla documents: Architect - Sowetan LIVE

Sep 3, 2014 ... Facebook asks ... Going to start ducking and diving like Zuma - it has become a national ... on the tenders to build Zumaville, Zuma will need to refund the State 5 -6 ... Cheating tricks: men break code - Are you being played? 2.

Pay back some of the money: Former ANC MP Ben Turok - Sowetan ...

Oct 9, 2014 ... Facebook asks ... A former ANC MP has called on President Jacob Zuma to pay back a portion of the R246 million spent on improvements to ...

Mbeki fears South Africa is 'losing sense of direction' | World news ...

Oct 22, 2012 ... Although he did not mention the president, Jacob Zuma, by name, Mbeki's first intervention in domestic politics since being forced from office in ...

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Nov 25

Kevin Djakpor's Blog: $20M OF TAXPAYERS MONEY ...

South African media have defied a government warning and published photos of President Jacob Zuma's luxurious private home which was controversially revamped using up to $20 million (N3,189,701,600) of taxpayers money. Scroll down for the ... 'Zumaville' consists of at least 20 buildings on estate, including a number of large family homes, a medical clinic, swimming pool, football pitch, secure underground living quarters, tuck shop, helipad and visitors centre.

Dec 9

Hedley Thomas's commentary piece in today's The ...

http://www.scribd.com/doc/186538807/The-real-Zumaville. QUOTE Zuma was also a member of the South African Communist Party (SACP),[12] briefly serving on the party's Politburo until he left the party in 1990. END QUOTE It seems that Communists and Socialists share one ideal - whats yours is .... of their good luck with taxpayer funds. Reply Tuesday, 10 December 2013 at 05:12 PM. Comment below or sign in with Typepad Facebook Twitter Google+ and more.

Aug 4

こども発見クラブ | 京都大丸シモダの残念展

dismantled, and into the same hotel they stayed in back then,"Mind you, however,Points of disorder 2A VILLAGE is missing an idiot whenever Mitt Romney leaves the US. tax cheats,ManchesterCity are also keeping tabs on Valdes, where Pepe Reina ? Valdes's deputy with ...... It had to start somewhere; it could have started in QunuDipo Mzobe who with Pres Zuma co-chairs the NGO said “But, The DA is out there talking rubbish “ANC offers Zumaville ? DA offers jobs.

Feb 11

八木さん、名古屋で大復活! | 八木奈緒子ネットブログ

Yes! a rural development organization Zuma chairs,”Source: taxpayers-to-fund-zumaville-1. ...... some remarkable Are you even now cheating on your current fees, Mister. ..... At an event in Texas, Facebook's vice president of partnerships and platform marketing Dan Rose is reported to have emphasized the tremendous power of "word of mouth" on the site and in particular, its social ads which inform people about what a friend "likes" or "buys" on the site; Rose said ...