How to screen share your computer with us

Screen share allows us to take a look at your computer remotely and help us investigate the bug you are encountering that we do not see ourselves.

Here are the steps to screen share with us:

  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop
    1. If you don't have Chrome, please install Chrome Browser (it's Free and it's super fast) on your computer.

    2. Launch Chrome and install Chrome Remote Desktop (it's Free also).
    3. When we arrange a good time to screenshare your screen, click "Share" on Chrome Remote Desktop
      and get the access code.

  • Please disable ALL other addons and toolbars except for the Snag Bar before screenshare.

Write us your available times via our contact form.

For Snag Bar problems, you MUST contact us through the Snag Bar Troubleshooting Wizard.. Any Snag Bar related inquiries sent via our contact form will be ignored.