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Why join Gamers Unite?

Gamers Unite! is a social network game community site where people share their tips or talk about the latest feature or news on their favorite social network games. Our site's aim is for everybody to help each other to succeed or advance successfully in Facebook games.

Features on our site include:

  • Discussion Forum - share and exchange accurate information, keep informed on the latest news, join discussions to make new friends.
  • Request for Gifts - this allows people to easily request for the items they want from their friends more directly, without sending gifts or items to their neighbors in hope to have them returned. Also it is easier for their friends/neighbors to send gifts to you that are not available on their gift pages.
  • Neighbor/Friend Requests - Don't have enough friends who play the game? You can find people or add yourself for others to add! Simply search for the game you want to play, and click on the "Add Me Requests" tab!
  • Gamers Unite! Snag Bar - Is Dr. Phil telling you to stop playing Facebook games because you are staring at the feed the whole day to get the items and neglecting your family? Are you frustrated that your neighbors have 1000+ friends and you cannot get a single item from them? Our Gamers Unite! Snag Bar will help you collect bonus/rewards from your own wall so you can have time to actually help your neighbors farms or send gifts. You can get the toolbar here.