Thanks for all these years!

Hi Gamers, the snag bar is no more and we are sorry. We are moving away from Facebook games and will concentrate on our new site Gamers Unite! IOS which focuses more on mobile games.

OK, the truth is we have been hit by a cease and desist by Facebook, and we have decided to shut down the snag bar as we can't afford to escalate the situation. The Snag Bar has always been a labor of love for us. We are gratified that millions of you have found our site useful. We know you are disappointed and it was to avoid this disappointment that we have kept on for the past couple of years even as the interest in Facebook and Zynga games have waned. We are sad to end it today.

Our goal has always been to help gamers successfully progress in their games. And we hope it has helped all of you with the Snag Bar. We will continue our mission to help gamers at our new site and hope to see you all there.

Thank you for all your support all these years and we hope you enjoyed our service!

If you have outstanding GU! coins, please contact us to redeem.