Gamers Unite! Snag Bar - The only toolbar that is actually useful!

  • Automatically get bonuses from your Facebook Wall!
  • Works for Farmville, Farmville 2, Pioneer Trail, Cityville and more!
  • Lots of other useful tools to make your gaming life easier!
Oh Snap :(

Sorry, our toolbar doesn't run on this browser. Please install Firefox! It's a great browser and it's free - you can download it here.


  • It's Great. I think the novelists would be extremely impressed with the tool bar.

    - Cassandra

  • By the way, the tool bar is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Jennifer

  • I just installed my tool bar and it has already snagged 25 items....this is fabulous

    - Diana

  • So far so good & lovin' the snag bar! Prior to the install I was missing All "eggs' &"claim it 'rewards, but able to get the small less valuable items...the snag bar has been successful in grabbing the 'eggs' & 'claim its even from nbors I never seem to be able to grab from'....very kewl program!!!!

    - McPeanut

  • Fantastic toolbar so far thank you so much i never get to the items quick enough it has only been open for 3 minutes and i have snagged 12 items already One Word says it all FANTASTIC!

    - Vicky

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What is the Snag Bar?

The Snag Bar is one of many services offered by Gamers Unite! It bonuses from your own feed so you don't have to stare at your feed every minute. It clicks on many of your friends' help requests so your friends can finish their task faster too! The Snag Bar works currently supports the following games:

  1. Bubble Safari
  2. Café World
  3. CastleVille
  4. ChefVille
  5. Cityville
  6. Farmville
  7. Farmville 2
  8. Pioneer Trail (former Frontierville)
  9. Zynga Slots

As many happy users of Snag Bar can testify, the toolbar makes their game more enjoyable! However If you're looking for an officially approved toolbar by Zynga, Zynga Game Bar comes with a bonus collect feature too.

The Snag bar also has awesome features such as the 1-click gift! Do you spend hours and hours clicking every gift requests one by one on your Facebook request page? With the 1-click gift feature turned on, you can accept/ignore all in one click!

How do I use it?

Check out this quick overview:

How to use the Snag Bar to collect bonuses from your Facebook wall

How to use the 1-Click Tools to accept and send gifts and requests in 1-Click

For games that 1-Click Friends do not work, try the "Friends" button on the toolbar!

To effectively get help from your friends, you need to ask friends who actually play the game. No more randomly asking friends who don't play the game to send you stuff, find out who exactly is playing by the "Friends" button - it'll show friends who posted on your wall and sent you gifts on the Game Requests page.

Is this toolbar safe?

Absolutely 100% safe - no spyware, no virus, no ad banners, 100% free and you can uninstall the toolbar easily at anytime. If you have any problems or questions regarding the toolbar, please feel free to contact us through our contact form.

We are not aware of any user account being banned by Facebook or Zynga because of Snag Bar usage, however, it doesn't mean it's risk free. For example, rapid clicking links manually while the Snag Bar is running might get you a warning from Facebook.

What browsers do you support?

We support Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. We also support Firefox and ChromeNew2 on Macs. We do NOT support any other browsers, including any offshoots of those browsers.

How do I earn GU! coins by shopping at my favorite stores?

Buy the stuff you were already going to buy - birthday presents, iPhone, flight to Cancun, whatever! When you do it by clicking on the links in the shopping mall page or using the toolbar, we'll track it for you and reward you with Gamers Unite! Coins! So Shop and then Do Nothing! Easy. (You will get GU! coins after 45 days of purchase date.)