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Light-bulblevel up faster

by Crystal Lynn - Oct 09, 2012 Star_s22,501 views

i was just wondering what the quickest way to level up was !!!

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there is bug in the game that can makes u level up faster ... in one day 3 level ups ... at level 40 up


another way prized crops which give high xp like spinack, red pepper , cabbage, ginger , rye ( takes one hour to harvest)...


If you have a lot of the hay wagon. They cost 45000 coins but give you 395 exp each and then you can sell them as way though is probably craft, craft, craft like Kathy said and planting a crop that has high exp.


says its going to level up soon but isn't leveling up?


"Plant" Patchwork Quilts. Cost 450, sell them for 400, 5 Xp. It will cost you 10.000 coins to get 1000 XP. And they need no water and no time to grow up


bake bake bake .. i have found that if i use one session of cooking to make flour, butter batter and pie crust then the next time, i am able to make 20 to 30 items making between 20 and 30 thousand every other session.


if you have lots of coins buy lots of the pink flamingos that give yolu 5 xp then sell them


im just a novice but i have found a few quick ways 2 lvl up when u get farm hands plant something that takes a day like strewberrys in just 4 plots then fertilize then use the farm hand 2 instant grow. i also watch for when i am going to lvl up usualy wen u are about 500xp or less away from lvln up u should plant something that takes as long as possible then quickly get the xp u need by ether buying decorations or combining items also if u leave neighbour visits till then u can gain the xp that way i am currently moving up 1 lvl each day and im now at lol 16 hpe this helps u out

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