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Face-sad Most stuck levels! PLease help out!

Chart_bar Level # of people stuck
1 Level 181 2364 people
2 Level 140 1610 people
3 Level 70 1352 people
4 Level 23 1259 people
5 Level 130 1202 people

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by Eileen Macgregor - Oct 09, 2012 Star_s50,594 views

I'm stuck at level 33 in candy crush saga for over a month. I can get all the points required but never candy crush to pass the game.. wqhat is the problem.. please help me and tell me wHy I can't pass when | get my points.. they only give me one minute to get those 32000 points which i can do but never sugr crush so i AM stuck..PLEASEEEEEEEEEE HELP[!!!!!!!

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Also CHECK THIS discussion thread for Level 33.


This is my game for Level 33, it didn't take hat much, when the candies finally came up "right" at the board. :D



Here is a How to vid with explanation! Maybe this will help you out:)



what worked for me was to combine tripped with wrapped or color bombs.

you should also have a look here:

and here:


I just finally cleared that level. It took me over a week, but I kept at it and finally cleared the jelly. It is frustrating!


P.S Try to make as many 4 like candy's as you can , that way it will clear the whole row


I am stuck at lvl 33 as well. You have to get rid of all jelly not just reach the points on that lvl. Also there is no time limit for that lvl. You only get 14 moves.

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