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Light-bulbhow to store chickens in coop

by Mona Cicciarella - Oct 10, 2012 Star_s5,842 views

for some reason I am not able to store the chickens in my coop, do they go in by themselves or something

I hope someone can give me some info on this

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12-em-plus add reply

Does anyone know how to get the blue egg ?! I am sure there is a trick or a way to get them when you want them and I am more than sure they are less liklely to be in a random sequence and if they are chances are it is 50-50 ! the other 50% is if you know the way or a trick ! if anyone knows please text me on FB


thank you Alan, that makes alot better sense


Now that I have built the Hen House, I understand how it works.

You have to have either two or three (don't remember which) adult, non-prized chickens in order to unlock the Hen House in the first place.

You do not actually place your chickens in the Hen House. However, if your chickens have access to it, they will enter it from time to time (just like the animals will drink from the trough once in a while if they have access to it).

The more adult, non-prized chickens you have on your farm, the more eggs that the Hen House will produce when you harvest it every 24 hours. In addition, the move adult, non-prized chickens you have on your farm, the better your chances of getting one of the special eggs.

Getting additional Milk Bottles is fairly easy. When you are out, try to feed one of your baby animals. When the game realizes you have no Milk Bottles, a pop-up box will open where you can either ask your neighbors for some. Click on the "Ask" button, make sure you are on the FarmVille 2 tab, and send out some requests. It may take a few hours for them to come in, but when I do this I usually have the maximum number of 12 Milk Bottles waiting for me the next time I go on my farm.


you have to have so many chickens on your farm-they don't actually go in the hen house, is what I'm thinking. The problem is getting BOTTLES for the baby chicks. My prized animals I stored to make room for the chicks, I still need one more chicken and LOTS of bottles and of course WATER.


i dont know either it keeps telling me i need 3 chickens but i have like 6 already


I'm not sure you move chickens into the Hen House. Instead, you keep the Chickens like you normally do and harvest the Hen House once a day. The amount of eggs it gives is dependent on how many non-prized adult Chickens you have on your farm.

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