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Light-bulbHow do I get rid of things in storage or inventory that you do not need?

by Melissa Stevens - Oct 12, 2012 Star_s487 views

Like things that people have sent you to much of.

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12-em-plus add reply

Hey Ellen,
The extra items That we ask ppl for to build stations those are the things I was speaking of. I wonder if there was a way that we can donate does things to Gamers Unite so when the new ppl get to that stage they can get them w/ no hassle????? ummmmm lol


The ingredients/supplies have limits and they are automatically cut back for you in storage when you reach your limit .... some are 15, others are 9, etc. As far as decorations, you can sell them back for coins. Some of the quest items are still in my storage and I honestly don't know how to handle those, since I can't seem to delete or sell them, but since they aren't affecting my overall storage count, I'm not really tripping over having them there. Hope this helped!

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