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Question-whiteCupcake Stake Brushes

by Marqueta Smith Guntharp - Oct 12, 2012 Star_s1,514 views

I have been trying to complete the Cupcake Stake for several days. The ONLY item I need is ONE Brush. Five are required. I have four. I click on the "Ask" button and nothing happens. I have done this many times over the past few days. Can anyone help me get the fifth one or advise me what I need to do please? Thank you.

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12-em-plus add reply

Thank you!! I've changed my settings, I hope I get the brush that I need now!


Someone had another post on here that addressed this issue - for some people FV2 defaults to "Only Me" for seeing posts.
Go into your account settings and edit FV2 and change the default from only me to Friends.
Also, you should be able to post on the link exchange here for your brush! :)


I found the problem....the fix is when you send the post, well, any post from FV2 to yours and your friends walls, before you select send, you click the 'cog' to the left of the send button...u know, the one that looks like an options button, click that and select friends instead of 'only me'. Problem solved!!


Th epost comes on your wall, scroll down and find it and you can change it to your friends...sorry didn't specify that before....good luck..


I found the solution, for me at least.....the request doesn't go directly to your friends, it goes to your wall. I found that for some reason that particular post, along with the Milk and Cookies quest with the reading books, where selected as 'Only Me' which means only I see it, obviously. I changed it to friends and I will see what happens the next time I ask for them. Hope this helps.


this is happening to me too. i have 4 brushes, and 6 friends. what the....


omg same here!!! I don't know what to do :(


I have the same issue and cant figure it out. I even made sure i did not block the app

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