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Question-whiteBack to the begining again..!!

by Cynical Skeptik - Oct 12, 2012 Star_s4,183 views

Just logged into my FV2 and I'm right back at the very start of the game. Friend of mine is also up in arms about this. What's going on? Anyone know?

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This was posted over at Zynga Support:

Hi, farmers!

Some of you may have experienced what appeared to be your farm resetting for a moment. We definitely are aware of it and we're making sure everyone is back to normal. If you haven't refreshed your farm yet, go ahead and reload FarmVille 2. Your farm should be back in working order! 

Sorry for the bump there! Go ahead and get back to managing your farm, as everything should be as right as rain now.

FarmVille 2 Player Support

My farmville 2 game reset to level 1 even though I was at level 96!! Heeeeellpp!!! It's been like this for a week.


My complete level 98 is vanished, its all set to level 0 and I tried resetting it by advancing; but no extra button, no reply to all my mails within the facebook profile for more than 2 days now.
I invested in all tree, deco, items, building, crops everything is not available.
Plzzzzzzzz help me out and put it back to the previous level since I invested at least 50 euro in this for more than a year now.


My complete land is vanished, its all set to level 0, all tree, deco, items, building, crops everything is not available, how to solve it,, plzzzzzzzz help me out


@Abrie Smit - The only thing you can do is contact Zynga Support.


help please ... i was on level 13 and reset back to level 0 ... i dont know what to do ?


@Onlajn Gejm - If you are talking about the Feast Table, the quest associated with that has ended. If you sold it, there is no way to get it back. Sorry.


Hello, I have a problem, I accidentally sold the table with food where they went to friends. I do not know how to get him back. default is any way please? thank you for your help


is anyone having issues loading full stop i have had for last few hours can load other games


i also restarted my facebook and it works fine now


I just restarted my browser and now it's fine. Thanks


Seems to have resolved. Zynga forums were offline too.


Happened to me and others. There are more posts about it. I hope it resolves soon. :(

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