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Light-bulbVampires VS Werewolves Quests----All Farms from October 18, 2012, to November 1, 2012

by Teresa Donald - Oct 13, 2012 Star_s4,273 views

QUEST 1: Fangs A Lot

Get 6 Vampire Novels

Harvest 50 Raspberries (2 hrs)

Crop alternatives: Strapsberry (2 hrs), Club Raspberry (30 Minutes)

Harvest Pet Runs 2X

REWARD: Vampire Costume


QUEST 2: Howling Good

Get 7 Wolf Man Movies

Harvest 75 Wheat (12 hrs)

Crop alternatives: Red Wheat (3 days)

Harvest Aviaries 2X

REWARD: Werewolf Costume


QUEST 3: Cape Able

Get 8 Black Capes

Harvest 100 Red Tulips  (1 day)

Fertilize 25 neighbor plots (5 neighbors 5X)

REWARD: 3 Pack Turbo Chargers


QUEST 4: Toil & Trouble

Get 9 Wolf Totems

Harvest 125 Grapes (1 day)

Crop alternative: Frozen Grapes (1 day) Super Grapes (1 day ) White Grapes (12 hrs) Zinfandel (1 day) Chardonnay (10 hrs)

Make Witches’ Brew 2X

Ghoul Garlic- 2   Sage-  2   Red Tulip-  4  (total amounts needed)

REWARD: Bubbling Cauldron


QUEST 5: Smell Of Success

Get 9 Wolfs Bane Perfume

Harvest 150 Tomatoes (8 hrs)

Crop alternatives: Purple Tomatoes (4 hrs)

Harvest wildlife habitats 2X

REWARD: Unwither


QUEST 6: Would Smell As Sweet

Get 9 Garlic Necklaces

Harvest 150 Aloe Vera (6 hrs)

Crop alternative: Super Aloe Vera (6 hrs)

Make Cauldron Stew 2X

Sage-  2   Tombstones-  4   Tomato-  4   (total amounts needed)


QUEST 7: Silver Lining

Get 10 Silver Cages

Harvest 150 Jalapenos (8 hrs)

Harvest the Were Chicken 2X (Chicken coop or aviary.....1 star needed for #9)

REWARD: Mystery Dart


QUEST 8: A Lot At Stake

Get 11 Garlic Nets

Harvest 150 Coffee (16 hr)

Alternative: Kona Coffee (10 hrs)

Harvest Livestock Pens 2X

REWARD: Vampire Cow


QUEST 9: The Showdown

Get 12 Halloween Ballots

Harvest 200 Sunflowers (1 day)

Master the Were Chicken to 1 star (5 harvests)

REWARD: Hornet Sheep


ty dirtfarmer




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12-em-plus add reply

Will watch for any changes :)


This quest is scheduled to post to our Fan Page at 9 AM on the 17th. If the release date changes, please let me know.

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